[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Samsung Galaxy S 5 LTE (klte) for /e/OS-T

Samsung Galaxy S 5 LTE (klte) for /e/OS-T-1.16.1
Using also lineage-UL sources. Untested!
This build took me some hours to built. I don’t think I will do this even again. If someone is interested on taking this over I can write a how-to (Only if the ROM boots and works…)


Please see sources and install instructions including recovery here:

Use it at your own risk!
Please support the developer(s)!

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:x: /e/ ROM e-1.16.1-t-20231104-UNOFFICIAL-klte.zip
:x: /e/ Recovery e-1.16.1-t-20231104-UNOFFICIAL-klte
:x: Both images can be installed, but do not boot.

:x: /e/ ROM e-1.16.1-t-20231104-UNOFFICIAL-klte.zip
:white_check_mark: TWRP recovery: twrp-3.7.0_9-0-klte.img.tar
:o: TWRP cancels the installation of @ronnz98 ROM with error message ‘1’
:o: LOS 18.1 ‘official’ recovery cancels installation of @ronnz98 ROM

:white_check_mark: /e/OS-R ‘official’ e-1.16-r-20231020343335-dev-klte.zip
:white_check_mark: /e/OS-R ‘official’ recovery-e-1.16-r-20231020343335-dev-klte.img

:white_check_mark: LOS 18.1 ‘official’ lineage-18.1-20231102-nightly-klte-signed.zip
:white_check_mark: LOS 18.1 ‘official’ recovery-lineage-18.1-20231102-nightly-klte-signed.img

:white_check_mark: LineageOS-18.1-for-microG ‘official’ lineage-18.1-20230918-microG-klte.zip
:white_check_mark: LOS-18.1-for-microG ‘official’ lineage-18.1-20231018-microG-klte-recovery.img

:white_check_mark: crDroid ‘official’ crDroidAndroid-11.0-20231017-klte-v7.35.zip
:white_check_mark: TWRP recovery: twrp-3.7.0_9-0-klte.img.tar

Thanks for your feedbacks! I just saw that there are updated sources available for the klte. I will try a last build as well as an /e/OS-S build

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Who want to try? :slight_smile:

One final try for /e/OS-T

I sorted out the errors with I commented out in the first try and used the updated sources…


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:white_check_mark: /e/ ROM e-1.16.1-t-20231105-UNOFFICIAL-klte_by_ronnz98.zip
:white_check_mark: TWRP 3.7.0_9-0-klte.img.tar
:x: Both images can be installed, but after the reboot the e-System does not start, it starts in Samsung ‘Downlaod mode’

:x: /e/ ROM: e-1.16.1-t-20231105-UNOFFICIAL-klte_by_ronnz98.zip
:x: /e/ Recovery: e-1.16.1-t-20231105-UNOFFICIAL does not start; the system gets stuck in the ‘Samsung Galaxy S5’ logo.
:x: @ronnz98 ROM can be installed because the e_recovery does not work.

Thank you for your time,@ronnz98

Sorry, have to confirm for T, but have not testet S: e-1.16-s-20231105-UNOFFICIAL-klte.zip

Ok. So I give up building for T. Did someone try the S version in the meanwhile?

S gets stuck here, but TWRP is still ok! A hint? Recovery Size too large? My TWRP version


| | |

I took the lineage-20.0-Recovery-2023-04-18-klte.img from XDA and could not flash it in ODIN, after I converteded it to .tar.

Tried in TWRP as .img and got the above error.

Found something very interesting about S5 klte boot behavior:
Interesting comments are #9 and #11

Furthermore, can you try to extract recovery.img from latest Lineage build for klte here:

You used LOS20 recovery for LOS19.1 build- that might also be an issue

There is also a recovery here, maybe worth to try?

This is what I took – meant from XDA-Dev

And about those comments, first I thought "a bit too close to April 1. "
But also, it is stuck at a boot-loop in this case

Did that, now I goes into ODINmode again, no working recovery left — like in T

No, I used TWRP. Allways went back to same version.

As a test I’ll download his LOS19.1 and see how it goes and what recovery is in it.

Stay tuned…

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Within my usual TWRP => flashed LOS-19.1recovery => S: e-1.16-s-20231105-UNOFFICIAL-klte.zip

Results in:

Side note:
From my usual TWRP, I could install, boot configure the XDA-Dev:

Anything else I can do for those fellows, in my red box :wink:

When building, recovery is available here :

yes but also in the ZIP file

it should be well named and available aside the “e.ZIP” file in the "/.e/zips/<devicecodename>/" folder,
but it is deap inside the “e.ZIP” … (encripted into “system.new.dat.br”) isn’t it ?

Yes, true for Q and R. But S and T has it in the ZIP

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Hi @ronnz98
I know, long time no see.

Do feel like giving it another go?

Sorry could not build for S any more. T does not make sense since sources are Lineage-UL.

Lineage is now even on A14: