[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Samsung galaxy S5 (klte) Android 10 Q

Hi all,

New build for Android 10 Q v0.19.5-q branch of /e/ os.

Device info https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/klte

ROM : https://funambule.org/lufi/r/2Mt_voX7ED#nL9YSlBFZBRopP5tRFONLSZdqkMAOI03q/AhbImH2F8=

This work fine for my model.

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Nice, thank you for sharing. I don’t suppose there would be any unofficial kltedv builds?

klte official Q & R : /e/ image ROM download

kltedv official R : /e/ image ROM download

Kltedv UNOFFICIAL P & Q : List of UNOFFICIAL /e/ builds (Part 2)

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Thanks @piero I’m currently using this rom. It is the most stable of all custom roms I’ve tried over the years for my sm-g900i. Simply cannot fault it.
Always on the lookout for new Pie builds though. Perhaps I need to look into what it takes to build my own.

I have build for klte not kltedv sorry !

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