[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo (s5neolte)

Fine, my Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo SM-G903F is on /e/ now. Many thanks!
What am i missing is a radio app. the S5 neo does have an integrated radio.
Would be nice to hear radio without internet. Are you using the integrated radio?

A new update on eOS-Q for the s5neolte with security string 2021-01-05

I installed/upgraded today to the 20210118 & 20210129 Roms. Now I get a strange message at start/login as well as with non-encrypted and with encrypted device (but then twice) when to key in the PIN:
Android System
There’s an internal problem with your
device. Contact your manufacturer
for details.
Otherwise, on first glance everything until now seems to be OK.

Kind regards

Reiner Schmidt

I had the same message on my device and I really don’t know where this comes from. Apart from that, it’s running smoothly.

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It comes shortly before entering the PiN on encrypted devices to start at all and again after the system is booted and the PIN is asked again. On non-encypted/before encrypted ones its after the system booted and the Pin is asked for. This happens with/since the 20210118 version, not before.

I made a totally new unofficial r-build (lineage-18.1) for the s5neolte.
I tested it and its running fine…

I just installed the new release on my encrypted S5 via TWRP.
The problem when to enter the key for encryption is gone.
But since then just the jumping “e” logo stays obviously forever.
I will give it another hour to see if it comes back.
I now wiped the S5 completely and reinstalled it. No problems yet.
Now trying to encrypt again.

Reiner Schmidt

Hmm, the dialog on startup for the encryption key stays in english, and I also found that Configuration of the home key for longer pressures as well as for the Task-key donot work.
It can be partially overcome by activating the “Navigation-Line” but doesn’t work good (or I am not used to it)
Also, some Apps (i.e. Googles Keep Notes, Clever Tanken) complain about missing Google Play Services (?) now where before they had no problems.
Could it be that this version of MicroG has some problems?
Kind regards
Reiner Schmidt

Also I have encountered that some Music-Titles cannot be transferred again (via mtp, adb push or ssh) onto the phone.
Looks like some issues with character set as at least some of those have unusual characters within their names (i.E. “?”). Before that this was not a problem and also on my other handy (S7, unofficial q from 18.05 from katharine.chui) the same files have no problems at all.
Example from Patti Smith/Horses:
“Land: Horses , Land of a Thousand Dances , La Mer (De) - 1 - 07.ogg”
or Phil Collins/But seriously:
“Do You Remember? - 1 - 03.ogg”
On mtp the device is then blocked (libmtp-error: Could not send object) from the PC (Linux) after that and needs to be reconnected/remounted.

Kind regards
Reiner Schmidt

Note that the Samsung S5 Neo is now officially supported by e.foundation

with Q flavour…
this, is R test !

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Alright, thanks @piero !