[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus (kccat6)

Yeah Edwin,
I saw this answer coming. That said, the SM-G901F (Snapdragon 805) is noticeably faster than the SM-G900F (Snapdragon 801). The camera of the ‘kccat6’ also works with the Open camera Camera2 API app. Both are IP67 dust/water resistant despite the removable battery. Too bad.

The last (final) LineageOS 16.0 build is dated 11.02.2021. A final /e/ OS 'P’ie with Android Security Patch Level 5 March 2021 would be a fitting departure for the S5+ and a welcome gift from you to all of us kccat6’users.

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That was indeed also my intension…

Probably the last update…Enjoy

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:warning: Thank you very, very, very much, Sir :lion:

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Is it okay to flashed the rom using 3.2 TWRP?

twrp 3.2.x-x is designed for devices shipped with Android 8 or less
G901F was shipped with Android 6, so it is ok.

Sir I’d forgot to download GApps is it okay not to download it?

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What do i do if i forgot to download Gapps?

GApps dont works with /e/
GApps are not needed with /e/
GApps are not wanted with /e/
MicroG is include in case some apps need the device tell them GApps are present.

i cant download other apps like shareit it keeps stops

To find mainstream Apps, you need to install Aurora Store first

Oups, 17 tracker ??? Find another way to share…
Look at F-Droid store for open source app


where I can find f droid sir?

pls give me link sir…TY

F-Droid is in the native /e/ Apps Store and https://www.f-droid.org/

Thank You sir…I will try to download and install

Sir why is my Torch not working? And sometimes I can’t turn on the mobile data and the other’s. It needs to restart my phone to work again…Is there something wrong?Pls help me sir

Even F Droid not working it says F droid index file no mirror available.

Why installing e-0.15-p-UNOFFICIAL, When e-0.17-p-OFFICIAL is avialable ?

Solved. Error in front of keyboard.