[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Samsung Galaxy S6 (zerofltexx)

Happy New Year everyone- I hope 2021 is a good one for you!

Does the appearance of this 0.13 dev build mean that we have a working “/e/ Q” build for the Galaxy S6 or am I misinterpreting?

To understand the /e/ build version pl have a look at the document here

Thank you for the link @Manoj. If I’m deciphering it correctly, the “n” means that this is an updated “nougat” build, is that correct?

That is correct. ‘n’ means nougat.

hello, i just flashed the latest dev rom mentioned above. it works pretty good except there is one annoying bug: when i push the power button to turn off the screen the phone reboots and notification light turns on blue.

I can independently confirm @pandaj0’s experience, except in my case the phone is randomly rebooting during use. Also, if anyone is reading this and was hoping (as I was) that the echo issue was resolved in this build, I’m afraid to report that it wasn’t. :disappointed:

Looks like I’m off to Plan B: Installing the Unofficial /e/Q build from @itsclarence (above), rooting the phone via Magisk/TWRP using @anon95995175 instructions here and replacing the “mixer_paths_0.xml” file hoping that this solves the echo issue.

If it does, great, I’m done. Not sure how many more times I can hold my breath praying I didn’t bork something up while installing custom ROMs… :wink:

Plan C is unfortunate and regrettable capitulation: installing LOS.

Another heartfelt thank you to all participants here for generously sharing their time, knowledge and experience. As a total noob, I tip my hat to all of you in thanks and gratitude.

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I was looking for an android 10 version of e for my S6. I recently bought a used S10e and One UI is decent but I would love to go full /e/. Being able to test out the same version of /e/ on my other device before I commit to it is great.

Update: The ROM is nice! As expected, the accounts and sync work really well. Of course the stock launcher has zero customization besides a wallpaper, and I changed it. More surprisingly, the recents are the old vertical style. I’ll try Quickstep for that. Unfortunately it provides very few options for navigation. Other then that, it feels similar to stock Lineage.


»I updated this build with a lot of changes.«

@itsclarence, does your statement refer to the changes listed here?

Yes, that’s what I refer to

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@itsclarence, thank you for your updated /e/ OS ‘Q’ version 2021

One question that has remained unanswered by the /e/ team is still:

Exposure Notifications

Why do the /e/ sources use a different microG version in the Exposure Notifications section?

Great stuff, just like Christmas again :slight_smile: Thanks @itsclarence
I have flashed this one and await a phone call :wink:
I still suspect I may have done some damage to the antenna connections when I put in the new battery and charging board so that may necessitate a further opening up of the phone .
Anyway, all went well and the ROM is working in all the respects it was previousl and I will have to delve deeper to spot the updates and test them.

Thanks again.


On reflection…
It seems this update has broken the phone dialer for me?
When I go to set up a call the original blue calling screen flashes up for a second and then disappears however, the call is setup anyway and then I have no control over it…i.e. the call is going on in the background but I have no evidence of it other than the fact that my landline (which I tested with) is being held open.
I’m going to re-flash the previous version just as a control test and then try th update again :slight_smile:
Just out of interest, should I be wiping the phone before applying the new ROM or not?
I didn’t and it seemed to work but, without the phone working I guess it didn’t really work at all :slight_smile:
What a shame and it was all going so well.


@itsclarence I’m a bit late in relaying my experience with the updated build, but better late than never!

For those who are following at home, let me explain the steps I went through as it may help someone:

  1. Backed up the existing installation in TWRP. IIRC, I backed up every partition except for Recovery-
  2. Copied the zip of the updated build to the internal memory via PC.
  3. Entered TWRP recovery state and installed without incident.
  4. In TWRP, noticed “SE Linux Enforcing”
  5. Upon first restart, it took 25 “bounces” of the ball under /E/ - Yes, I counted! :sweat_smile:
  6. Verified that the 0.14 update was installed
  7. Verified MicroG v 2.17 installed- self check was Good!
  8. Found WIFI/SIM immediately without issue

A caveat to report: Even though TWRP reported SE Linux Enforcing while installing the build from ZIP, “Trust” reports that it’s “Disabled” (Non-Enforcing). Now, this is NOT likely the fault of the build, as I previously rooted the phone to attempt to remedy a known issue with this device: when using the “regular” phone/dialer, the other party hears themselves with a slight delay. This phenomenon persists in this build even when using other dialer apps like “Simple Dialer”.

Interestingly, there is no “echo” effect when using Signal or Telegram for phone call functionality.

After a week of daily use, all is working as expected and kudos once again to @itsclarence for maintaining this device within the /e/cosystem! Well done and thanks again :clap:

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A new build for the zerofltexx. Cooked with february security patch and on some updated repos from @enesuzun2002.
Unfortunately this rom isn’t builded with private key’s (yet)
Thank you @mcmd and @Forumsnutzer for testing.


Good morning/afternoon/evening @itsclarence!

I’ll get the S6 charged up and take the new build out for a trial run today- I i’ll let you know how it goes.

Thank you again for keeping this device alive within the /e/OS universe! :beers:

Smakelijk, @itsclarence.
Actually, I just wanted to do a ‘dirty flash’ from e-0.15-q to e-0.16-q. However, I didn’t pay attention and instead of just deleting the cashes I swiped the factory settings. Well, no big deal, it’s just a test device.

In the near future, can we also expect to see signed builds with our private keys?

e.g.: Signing Builds
Generating the keys

Please @itsclarence: Stay healthy. Stay alert.

Well @itsclarence I performed a dirty flash with no issues whatsoever. Build recognized WiFi and SIM immediately and MicroG self-check is good. As @SuzieQ noted, SELinux is disabled, but all Android patches show “up to date”.

I’m going to “walk around” with it for a while and report back, but initially all systems are go and this build looks like another success! :slightly_smiling_face: :relieved:

Thanks again for maintaining this device within the /e/cosystem and be well. :beers:

I installed @itsclarence e-016-1-20210323 unofficial on SM-920W8. The ROM changes the phone into SM-G920F

Unfortunately, there is no audio during phone calls. It appears to make and receive calls. But no audio either way.

Is anyone else experiencing no audio?

That’s interesting- didn’t know/think that the “W8” variant of the S6 would load /e/OS. I believe this may be the first time I’ve come across this. @oneearth you are on the well past the “cutting” edge and at the very “bleeding” edge of /e/OS operability!

Audio issues plague the S6 with AOSP OSes (such as /e/). A work-around some have used with success is to replace the default dialer with the app Simple Dialer which can be found on f-droid. This didn’t work for me though- the only work-around I have found is to use the calling capability of Signal and Telegram exclusively and not use the native phone at all.

Let us know how you make out and good luck.