[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Samsung Galaxy S7 (herolte) - Q

Hello everyone,

I’m sharing my builds for herolte device (Samsung Galaxy S7 - SM-G930F).

I used /e/os docker image for building and Lineage sources (device tree, hardware & kernel) + TheMuppets for proprietary blobs, so everything is “pure stock”. See : https://github.com/mishka81/herolte

Actually a e-0.18-q build is available : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=327235

It’s working great on my phone, I noticed in particular less battery drain than official Oreo build.

Except some few issues :

  • problem with the stock phone dialer (already reported by others in the forum) : as a workaround it can be replaced by another dialer like Simple Dialer (not included in the ROM)
  • echo problem while phone speaker is on (already reported here) : seems there is no workaround for now. I wonder if /e/os will resolve this … or Lineage ?
  • I noticed too screen lagging whith Live Display / Color Profile = “Adaptative”. As a workaround it can be switched to “Standard” and it’s ok.

I’ll try to provide a new build at every new version of /e/os.



Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

[Off-topic, sorry]
I’m wondering : how could you build a 0.18, although it is not publicly available ?

I used the “v1-q” branch of the android repository, assuming that it points to latest dev version.

Ok, thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

I’m a bit lost with all those versions…Which one is the most stable and usable (especially echo issue) between those :

  • e-0.17-20210518-q-UNOFFICIAL-herolte @katharine.chui
  • e-0.17-20210605-q-UNOFFICIAL-herolte @itsclarence
  • e-0.18-20210726-q-UNOFFICIAL-herolte (here)
    I’m not able to try my own rom to be frank and would prefer to be advised on which on to choose…
    Thanks in advance

I 'm not sure those builds do fix the echo problem …
I wanted to build my own to be sure it’s based on Lineage sources. It is stable except all the issues mentionned in my first post.

All of these likely have the echo issue
a real fix for galaxy s7 lineageos was never found

New build based on 0.18 stable release : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=7161016148664801581

Works OK on my phone.

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New build based on 0.19.5-q version : e-0.19-q-20211030-UNOFFICIAL-herolte.zip.md5sum | by mishka81 for Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F)

As usual, works ok on my phone.

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Works here like a charm too. :blush:

NEW build

Enjoy :wink:

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Downloaded and installed yesterday. No problems found yet. :blush:

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Yes, the echo problem seems to be the only issue now.

What is this “echo problem”? when does it come up?

Ohh, didn’t look upwards enough. Found it.