[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T380 (gta2swifi) for /e/OS-R

Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T380 (gta2swifi) for /e/OS-R1.16


Please see sources and install instructions including recovery here:

Use it at you own risk!
Please support the developer(s)!

I made an account just for this thread.

I used the twrp from here, because I am not sure when lifehackersahol switched his sources to 64 bit. This build predates his first arm64 build, so I am pretty sure it is 32bit.
I installed your 20231030 build using the old twrp, and it took a very long time to boot but it made it.

  • Camera works and opens, both stock and opencamera.
    – Photos are fine
    ** Video will record, and show a thumbnail in gallery, but there is no video playback only sound and a gray screen.
  • Rotation and sensors seem to work
  • WiFi works
  • Bluetooth works
  • Sound and Display work
  • Battery is about the same

Haven’t messed with DRM or BT audio routing, GPS, etc. No idea, didn’t care. Open to testing if anyone wants.

I did not expect /e/os to look so much like miui.

Thanks for the build! You have made an appreciative niche group very happy!

Thanks for you feedback!
I saw that sources has been updated and build with current sources and /e/OS. Please try:


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Hello and thank you very much for developing this. I’m really looking forward to trying this ROM. I have installed custom roms before, though not on this device. I have some doubts since you refer to hackerhansol’s rom on XDA.

To flash the latest e-1.19.1-r-20240118-UNOFFICIAL-gta2swifi.zip what recovery should I use?
Should I use Lineage recovery as suggested by Hackerhansolo in his thread?
Or I can use TWRP as Meowdude did?
I also watched a video where they flash e/OS on another device and it looks to me like they use an e/OS recovery?

Thank you very much for your reply

All can work,
(recovery-e should be foundable into the .zip)

Hello, thank you.

I was able to install e-1.19.1-r-20240118 it from the LineageOS recovery.
I don’t know if here I can mention some bugs I found: Although it connects to bluetooth devices, for example headphones. The audio still comes out from the smt380. Also the automatic screen rotation does not work. and some configuration changes are not applied, for example in the shape of the icons.
Very minor things that are expendable in my case.

I will try older, non 64 bit versions. It seems to me that LineageOs 18.1 from lifehackerhansol has these same bugs.

Thank you so much for this update! you are awesome

Final update for /e/OS-R 2.2: