[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Unofficial e-0.20-r version for Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite build in

Search for e-0.20-r-20211221-UNOFFICIAL-gta4xlwifi.zip

As recovery image I used an image from the Linage OS home page
I used lineage-18.1-20211215-recovery-gta4xlwifi.img as recovery image
But I suppose the newer versions should also work.

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I made now a build for latest e-021.1-r release for the Samsung S6 Lite
Prior to make it available as UNOFFICIAL release I want to test it by myself.
How would be the best way to update from an UNOFFICIAL release (I have e-0.20-r installed at the moment)?

You can use recovery-e

Update is the same way as Install or replace :

Boot to recovery, don’t wipe anything except /cache, /davilk ( /system if needed, but i don’t think it is mandatory )
Sideload the new system version or Install it from device storage.

Only some rare unofficial maintainers manage to provide OTA, from their own infrastructure

Thanks for this information!
I originally tried e-recovery when installing e-0.20r which I build myself. Unfortunately I did not work and I tried lineage-recovery and that worked for me
I would give it a try again with lineage-recovery but did not see option to wipe /davilk

So I took the risk and made a try to install latest e-021.1-r release for the Samsung S6 Lite I build from the sources here using lineage recovery and it worked.
I used lineage-18.1-20220112-recovery-gta4xlwifi.img and did wipe the cache. ADB sideload and reboot.

I’m doing some testing now and if there are not major issues I’m upload e-021.1-r unofficial release on androidfilehost

Seems pretty stable

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Latest e-021.2-r release. Seems also stable

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Latest e-021.3-r release. Seems stable

Thank you for your continued support of this! I’m using one of your builds and they work perfectly on my S6 Lite. Just a question from a n00b, do I need to erase all data from my device to install an updated version, or can I just ‘adb sideload’ it? Would appreciate if, when you have time, you could just post a super brief list of commands or steps I need to use to update. I’m using the stock /e/ Recovery environment.

You are right !

you can simply sideload any /e/ r based version over any other /e/ r based version. (designed fir your device)

Without wipping anything exept cache and davilk-cache

I did use adb sideload with recovery from lineage (but of course you can also use /e/ recovery) and did wipe out cache prior to sideload the /e/ ROM (dont know if this is really necessary but read this in some posts)
Since now the official /e/ ROM is out for S6 lite that solved the audio issues I did perform an update to my unofficial build - however it good to know how to build /e/ yourself :slight_smile:

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