[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Sony Xperia X performance (dora) for /e/OS-R

Please try:


as already mentioned in the iode Forum, unfortunately with inconveniences like Browser chrash with video freezing, some apps freezing system like localsend. webview based browser fulguris not freezing on video

Which is the best version currently? R, S or T

1.18T. I think bugs are due to the LOS20 basis. Tried also Andy Yans LOS20GSI with ur ROM with similar experience. LOS21 GSI didn’t have these problem, almost perfect, only audio in phone calls does not work. LOS21 based ROM would be pefect

Are there source for LOS21 available?

Not found so far. LOS 20 vendor/boot as skeleton and LOS21 system on top, does that work? the LOS21 GSI works with your boot.img/vendor.img.

Very Unlikely. But I can focus on on the /e/OS versions that works

I took the same sources now as for /e/OS-T 1.18 version, please try:


wpa2 does not work again . you perform kernel git checkout up to this commit status?
could also be useful to change this value in vendor build.prop
persist.vendor.radio.calls.on.ims=0 to persist.vendor.radio.calls.on.ims=1


Please try this version with build as proposed above

Great! WPA2 works again. video freezing/crashes can be eliminated with this chrome flag in eos browser: set android imagereader to disabled. many thanks ronnz98

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