[Unofficial Build] Sony Xperia XA2 ultra (discovery) eOS Q-build

A new build for the Xperia XA2 ultra (discovery)
Be safe and backup your device. Share your experience for other e-users and enjoy.


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Ahh, that was close! Got any plans for the XA2 pioneer at all?

Maybe today or tomorrow…

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That would be amazing; going to keep my eyes peeled!! :grinning:

You can test the build if you want to…

Be safe backup your device. Please let me know the outcome.

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Hey, thanks @itsclarence, I’ll take it for a spin and report back! :grinning:

Ah, thank you so much for this, it worked a treat; really smooth install. I’ll be testing it over the coming days. Just now set up Mail, received incoming with notification. Magic Earth located me in a minute or so.
Damned weather widget displaying my location without asking. All looking good 20 minutes in!

This is on a battered spare XA2 that I’ve been trying to get a GSI onto with no success. After the last bootlooping failure I flashed iode OS onto it as a rescue. So if I get any problems I will return it to stock Android and start again.

Thanks again, and I’ll keep you posted.

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Thank you for making me discover iodé OS

@itsclarence / @chrisrg what are the changes/improvements with this with this unofficial build for the XA2?
As I need a stable daily driver (and for such a reason I have not updated since … a while), and I use “basic” functions (calls/sms/calendar/whatsapp [yes, I know…]), due to the issues with my first installation, I am reluctant to update … but I am looking for some improvements not yet in my version of /e/OS: integrated backup/export of SMS / calendar entries. Is this now included?

Thank you in advance

You can check here

And here