[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact (lilac) e-1.3-q Post #212

The developer(s) of the original unofficial LOS ROM appear to be spending most of their time on different projects - the most recent release was nearly one year ago. However, another developer has taken up the challenge with a new unofficial LOS ROM and is currently putting a lot of work into maintaining and improving it, so I don’t think there is any danger of it being forgotten any time soon.

My unofficial and custom builds a re a bit behind the new LOS ROM. Bringing them up to date is on my to-do list, but I’m focussing on other stuff at the moment so I can’t give an ETA for that.

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Tell us if you need economic support !?

Thank you for the thought, but I don’t :slight_smile:

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Do I need to install any software binaries? if there is

Just download and working . first impression: incredible.

I got disappointed that Goggle is in the search bar in lawnchair and the other launcher. Is this build not degoogle as e/ ?

I assume you have downloaded the CUSTOM ROM (because Lawnchair is not present in the official or unofficlal ROMs. If so, that is discussed in a separate thread

To answer the question, I have not deGoogled any of the apps that are included in place of or in addition to the standard /e/OS apps. If you don’t want to use Google search, then it is easy to either disable search or change the search engine via the launcher settings (long press on an area of the home screen that is unoccupied, then choose Home Settings)

So which one is more degoogle, the custom the official the unofficial?

And where can I get the different 3versions? Now I am confused. Sorry

I know that. But the purposeto use e/ isabout degoogled the OS.

There is no Official version for this device.

The unofficial version has the same amount of de-googling as the official ROMs for other devices - i.e. All the default installed apps have been de-googled by /e/

My Custom build doesn’t do any extra de-googling. It differs from official and unofficial ROMs as described in this post

The new and replacement apps in my custom builds are all from F-Droid, are unmodified by me, and are open source. No de-googling has been done, but I don’t believe that any of them make much use of Google’s services or send any information to Google’s servers. If you are worried that they need de-googling, then you should stick to the unofficial build.

Both the unofficial and custom ROMs are available from my AndroidFileHost account


The extra launchers in my custom build (Omega and Lawnchair) are not part of the OS - they are extra apps installed by me for my convenience. The Bliss Launcher is part of the OS and is degoogled by /e/. If you don’t want any apps present on the phone that have not been degoogled by /e/, then don’t use my custom builds, (and don’t install any apps from /e/'s Apps store. /e/ **do not degoogle the apps that Apps serves)

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I think you missundestood. I was not saying that in your custom ROM I dont like the app because they are not degoogle from e/. My concern was that if in the bar in one of the launcher is using Google, was a bit weird. But again, I was mostly asking if the OS is the same than e/…

I kind of like the opportunity of using differents launchers though, so I appreciate it.

And thanks for your work @petefoth

Uploading: Screenshot from 2022-01-17 15-53-53.png…

which one is that in the middle that says dev?

And to understand better. You do the unofficial too to get support from e/ or is not even you doing it?

The lawnchair says in F-droid that is not longer maintain and is not entirely FOSS
And the omega launcher is not even in the F-droid repositorie?

Sorry - my mistake. The people behind Lawnchair aren’t sending their app to F-Droid, so I’ve been getting version Lawnchair_202589.apk from PlayStore via AuroraStore
And the omega launcher is not even in the F-droid repositorie?
No - sorry again. I get the apk from the Omega github at https://github.com/otakuhqz/Omega/releases/download/. Updates come through F-Droid, but you need to enable the IzzyOnDroid repo in F-Droid | Settings | Repositories

Damm. Shame that they are not in F-droid anymore cause they look awesome

Check out OpenLauncher from F-Droid.

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That may well be in a future custom build :slight_smile:


I have got the update e.20 in the installer app and all works perfect. Thanks for it

Here’s a new build based on the v0.21-q tag. This one is built by /e/ rather than by me, but you should be able to ‘dirty flash’ it over your existing data. I have actually done some testing on this release, but I would still suggest backing up your existing setup before installation though

Release notes are here

The build may be available as an OTA update - try Settings | System updates. If it is not available to you OTA, then it build is available here:

OTA done… Easy peasy. :+1:

Many thanks to the devs!

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OTA also done. Everything works fine !
Thanks a lot