[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Unofficial /e/ Builds for Lineage Supported Tablets

Hi @archie you can donate to /e/ here. Unofficial builds by users and /e/ team members on the forum are made for free. Having said that we would like to encourage more users to try and build for their own devices with the information available here

Hej @Manoj, of course I knew the donation page of e.foundation and I just sent my first donation to e.foundation.

Demand: Is it not desired to support single /e/ ROM builder with a donation as well?

Yes, I am interested in building my own / e / ROMs. It’s just that, I’m a beginner in Android, LineageOS and / e / - and it’s not as simple as the work looks like at first glance.

my v500 nougat and oreo builds failed at 47% and 17% for oreo build.

Dear all and especially @Unknown , any chance for a build for the new 2019 Samsung Galaxy Tab SM-T510 ? or for the 2016 Samsung Galaxy Tab SM-T580 ?

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none of those listed here https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/, if you want /e/ on your tablet choose from that list.

unofficial builds for a lot of tablets you can find here https://community.e.foundation/tags/tablet

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Dear @Unknown, may I request an unofficial build of the Lenovo yoga tab 3 plus LTE?
Thanks in advance!

Ps is it perhaps an idea to create a page like the /e/ page of official builds for the list of unofficial builds? Would be better than just forum posts!

Ask and you shall receive Rik – see here


Thanks!!! I’ll post pics after installing!

Hi all, is there a step by step guide for how to install these unofficial builds on this forum? Or can I look something up on the web easily?

The step-by-step instructions in the /e/ documentation are similar to those in LineageOS and apply to unofficial builds.

Alright great thanks

It worked and running like a charm, thanks for all the help! I installed the Kiss launcher as you can see, because the /e/ launcher does not appear optimized yet for tablets (happy to give some feedback on that if the developers would appreciate it). For others wanting to do this: it was really easy, also installing the Kiss launcher was just done via the Fdroid app store.


How did you buy the plus? I mean the pro version is very similar and has a built-in beamer as welll.

i bought it secondhand- i think there are quite a few available.
if you meant “why” it is because there is an /e/ version (albeit unofficial) for the plus and not for the pro

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@Rik was a version ever created for the 2016 Tab A SM-T580?

Yes, but I think it was a private test build, it is not aviable in the list of the unofficial builds

List of the devices supported by the community

@piero anyway I can find out who may have built it?