[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Unofficial /e/ Builds for Lineage Supported Tablets

Ask and you shall receive Rik – see here


Thanks!!! I’ll post pics after installing!

Hi all, is there a step by step guide for how to install these unofficial builds on this forum? Or can I look something up on the web easily?

The step-by-step instructions in the /e/ documentation are similar to those in LineageOS and apply to unofficial builds.

Alright great thanks

It worked and running like a charm, thanks for all the help! I installed the Kiss launcher as you can see, because the /e/ launcher does not appear optimized yet for tablets (happy to give some feedback on that if the developers would appreciate it). For others wanting to do this: it was really easy, also installing the Kiss launcher was just done via the Fdroid app store.


How did you buy the plus? I mean the pro version is very similar and has a built-in beamer as welll.

i bought it secondhand- i think there are quite a few available.
if you meant “why” it is because there is an /e/ version (albeit unofficial) for the plus and not for the pro

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@Rik was a version ever created for the 2016 Tab A SM-T580?

Yes, but I think it was a private test build, it is not aviable in the list of the unofficial builds

List of the devices supported by the community

@piero anyway I can find out who may have built it?

Better reread the post where you have seen it…
I think the guy don’t want to become device maintainer.
This device is not LineageOS supported
Tab s & Tab s2 are well supported.

Yes, this is why I wonder that there is not at least one officially supported tablet for /e/.

Not for the moment :
List of the devices supported by the /e/ team
But :
List of the devices supported by the community

i think your question is answered right!
for me my strategy is:

  1. i use an unofficial build for my tablet
  2. i regularly ask the /e/ team for support for tablets
    The 2016 Tab A SM-T580 is a good one to ask support for, because it was sold in such great quantities

That’s a good hardware from Samsung. The question is then: What is not working with the unofficial build?

I am currently running lineage 17.1 with signature spoofing and microg with no obvious issues, But would like to give /e/ a whirl on my tablet. Already run /e/ on my galaxy S9+.

Hello, did you build it? Is the image available somewhere? Or should I try this myself?

Hello, you can find all the unofficial builds over there :