[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Unofficial Pi/e/ Community Build for Samsung Galaxy S5 mini - kminilte (G800F/G800M/G800Y)

Sorry, I expressed myself very difficult. “Handsfree” should mean you use the loud speaker and maybe another internal mic to avoid holding the device at your head. So no external devices.

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OR: if I use Wire or JitsiMeet “hands free” others can’t hear me. If I use them classical with the device at my ear it is good.

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for me jitsi is working with “hands free” mode from 0.5M away, i can here myself… not in really good voice quality but understandable… so that does not work for you at all?

Hm…there seems to be sth wrong with my mobile. Can you please check this results?

Yeahwell that was what i tried with jitsi already and it seems to be working for me…

Hm…let us check another thing: can you get your fingerprint sensor working? Coz I can’t.

i could enroll it and unlock as well but it is kind of buggy and doesnt detect really good compared to modern fingerprint sensors… i think it is the same for lineage and as /e/ is build on base of it coming from there… what may help is to enroll the finger you use for it more than 1time only :slight_smile:

OK. I need to geht another Phone, there seems to be sth wrong. Thank you for your work!

Hey. Got another phone. First tried fingerprint sensor and audio things on the original Samsung OS, which was fine. Then flashed /e/, and it still was fine. So there is sth wrong with the 1st phone.

About the fingerprint sensor: when the phone was still with the original OS, the introduction for learning a fingerprint showed, that you need to STROKE your finger from north to south over the sensor instead of PUSHING it.

In /e/ this is not shown. With STROKING even the small finger of my 5-year son could be learned.

So, I think the status is “GOOD” now. Again: thank you very much.

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Can this UNOFFICIAL build now become OFFICIAL?

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sadly i guess not, as manoj stated a lot of times, first support for already supported devices will be enhanced ( Updates) and then maybe new devices will be added if they are requested enough…

ok. So I’ll request :slight_smile:

I think we should modify the rules here. If a device unofficial build works ‘really well’ …we should add it to the officially supported list.
The ‘really well’ part being important as users on the forum should have tested it and ensured all /e/ default applications work as expected on it.


I agree completely. So if some of the others who asked for a build could help increasing the “probes” would be nice.

Please, where can we find a standardized process for testing/evaluating/validating the community builds ?

Pl can you explain what you mean by the community build - are you referring to the unofficial builds that users create.

that what I am thinking about !
Unofficial build by the community users candidates to become Official
Must be well tested, you talked about testing /e/ defaut apps, i am asking for a sort of check list of features that we have to control in order to evaluate the quality level of the build, like a standardized requirements before submission to the /e/team

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Sounds very good. With this kind of process we could relieve the developers and help spreading /e/ the same time.

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That’s the only serious way we have, trying to support some devices, without dedicated maintainers.
Some builders in one hand and a community of testers with a standardized evaluation grid in the other hand

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The way the process works at present is once an unofficial build is tried out by a few users and found to work ok - you are able to send receive calls, send or receive text message use the default app and also if there are a reasonable number of users requesting for that device we add it to the official list. This means that first a test build is made which goes to our test team. They will run the build against the test plan and in case everything works out well the official build ROM is shared with all users. Interestingly most of the unofficial build creators are on our test team as well.
It is not possible to test every single unofficial build that is put out. That is why there is a message on these build ’ test at your own risk’.

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