[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Unofficial Pie build for Google Pixel (sailfish)

I installed the unofficial build which @Unknown kindly provided, however for me it had a few issues with Bliss crashing, and Magic Earth would not load maps.

So I decided to build a newer image. I have used it for a two days now with no issue. The file can be found at:


That’s terrible! The worst thing I’ve ever seen here! How dare you use the government-owned mega.nz to place the files of our immaculate eOS on it?! Blame on you!

@e.follower why don’t you look at the other unofficial builds… I used the same servers because I assumed that was the accepted way to do it. I guess I shouldn’t have bothered trying to help the community.

Don’t you know if @Unknown used mega too?

@Unknown has made 20 + unofficial builds for various devices with /e/ source code. Since there was not enough space on the /e/ drives he may have saved the ROM’s on freely available cloud drives. It would be good if the effort to help the community is appreciated instead of finding fault in the place where he stored the ROM’s.

Just a bad privacy geek’s joke. (We’ve all heard so much negative about this product, you know…) I’m sorry.

Officially supported now https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/wiki/en/wikis/device/sailfish/info

MEGA is not owned by the NZ government. It’s a private Company. Kim dot Com would like us to think that as he had a falling out. As a new Zealander I know our government has more important things to spend our tax dollars on.

But the reason I am posting is to ask. “do we have a place to post unofficial builds?” I have 0.9 for Flounder LTE [Nexus 9] if there is any interest in it.

Hi @vernr You can post unofficial builds made with /e/ source code here

@Manoj I have built an unofficial Oreo Rom for Moto G4 plus [athene] using /e/ source. Built using a roomservice.xml from a lineage developer as /e is still on Nougat for this model. Is it legal to post this as an /e/ build? It is running on my everyday phone with no problems with the apps etc that I use.

Hi @vernr you can post builds you have made in the unofficial builds sub-category .
Please do mention when you post that it is an unofficial build and also that if you intend to provide timely updates for it.
Also mention if you have tested the build on a device if not let the user know that they will be flashing it at their own risk.