[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Unofficial Pie Build for Samsung Galaxy S7 (herolte)

Again, my motivation to give you feedback was the recognition of your work.

The official ROM e-0.12-o-2020093076269-dev-herolte can be used in practice Galaxy S7 also runs excellently with LOS 17.1 including microG Services Core v0.2.12.20331 and receives monthly updates. From my point of view everything is okay.

But it’s not ungoogled. And that’s why we are here and not at LOS forum :wink:

/e/ OS is so dependent on LineageOS that LOS is always and everywhere an item.

Can we say that LOS is the alpha and /e/OS is the beta version for ungogoled android ?

No. /e/ OS is just a LineageOS fork with some interesting extras.

If you know the history of CyanogenMod you know the development and importance of LineageOS. LineageOS is a defining feature of a custom ROM scene.

It is not without reason that you can find credits (https://github.com/LineageOS) for LineageOS on websites of other custom ROM developers.

Another example:

This documentation “” is a derivative of “install LineageOS on herolte” by The LineageOS Project, used under CC BY.

LOS is googled OS and eOS is ungoolgled. That’s the difference. And since some days eOS. And LOS is more stable than eOS (see update)

First: Thank you very much for the build! I use it as daily driver, and it works fine.
I only have one error sometimes. It happens one or two times a week. When I try to start an app - it changes which one it is - the app needs 10-30 seconds to start - but stock at start. Then nothing happens.
Only an restart is a solution.
Does anyone has a same error? Or is it only my problem?

Tnaks for the Rom Builder! Great that you did ist.
Will there be a new built in the next time? Or is this unofficial Pie eol?

I’m really sorry, I continue to build this ROM, I had some build issues but now it seems to ne good.
I will upload the next build :wink:


This are really good news. Thank you very much. Greetings. Will wait patiently.

Here is the update :

I install it on my phone, everything seems to be working as expected… Security patch is on 5th December

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Thaaaaank you very much. I use it now a bit longer than 24 hours and everything works as it should.

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How did you flash it?
I am on the previous version.
Should I dirty flash it or should I wipe anything before?
Thanks in advance and best regards from Munich

Personnaly, I always dirty flash…
May be, it’s unsecure or something like that but… it works.

I have sometimes a very annoying issue, the sim card disconnect / reconnect itself… But I think this an hardware issue on my old phone which fall down few times…


As long as an update is made within an Android version, a dirty flash is sufficient from my experience. When changing an Android version, on the other hand, a clean flash makes sense, even if it sometimes works dirty. Now, after almost three days, everything works fine with this release. Thanks @LaurentG for his work.

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Hello @LaurentG, thank you very much for the update!
Could u pls provide a checksum for the download?

Hi everyone,
New build but only update the current branch, so, minor changes…

And, as @alibaba asked me, here is the checksum : https://ecloud.global/s/2qKK6W9TGqYzokS

Just installed on my personnal phone… Everything works as expected.


Thank you sooo much!!!

New build with security patch on 5th January

And here is the checksum : https://ecloud.global/s/qjjyr3pLwLXoH26

As usual, I just installed on my phone and it works as expected


I have sometimes an error. The “hardkey” for going back, doesnt work. It lights up, but when I tap on it nothing happens. Does anyone else have this error? or is it a hardware problem?