[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Unofficial Pie Build for Samsung Galaxy S7 (herolte)

Thaaaaank you very much. I use it now a bit longer than 24 hours and everything works as it should.

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How did you flash it?
I am on the previous version.
Should I dirty flash it or should I wipe anything before?
Thanks in advance and best regards from Munich

Personnaly, I always dirty flash…
May be, it’s unsecure or something like that but… it works.

I have sometimes a very annoying issue, the sim card disconnect / reconnect itself… But I think this an hardware issue on my old phone which fall down few times…


As long as an update is made within an Android version, a dirty flash is sufficient from my experience. When changing an Android version, on the other hand, a clean flash makes sense, even if it sometimes works dirty. Now, after almost three days, everything works fine with this release. Thanks @LaurentG for his work.

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Hello @LaurentG, thank you very much for the update!
Could u pls provide a checksum for the download?

Hi everyone,
New build but only update the current branch, so, minor changes…

And, as @alibaba asked me, here is the checksum : https://ecloud.global/s/2qKK6W9TGqYzokS

Just installed on my personnal phone… Everything works as expected.


Thank you sooo much!!!

New build with security patch on 5th January

And here is the checksum : https://ecloud.global/s/qjjyr3pLwLXoH26

As usual, I just installed on my phone and it works as expected


I have sometimes an error. The “hardkey” for going back, doesnt work. It lights up, but when I tap on it nothing happens. Does anyone else have this error? or is it a hardware problem?

Thanks to eveyrone here (@LaurentG @ harvey186 and @SuzieQ) for this updated /e/ for my S7 !! i didn’t understand at first why i was stuck in Android 7 (i used easy installer) -_-
Looking forward for updates

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Strange, I do not have any issues like this… Sorry…

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I try to build updates every month… I will try to do this as long as I can !


Thanks ! For my use it’ll be more than enough…!
I haven’t the bug as @peschie1967 has…
I did had an issue while connecting au BT speaker JBL4 which doesn’t end…I do not suspect BT cause i synced a watch.
If anyone had this behaviour…

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The only issue I sometimes have it’s the simcard which suddenly disconnected…
Nothing to do but reboot phone. I haven’t found why… It seems to but a software issue

No problem here, I use your latest build since the release on my mobile work phone and have had no such issue until today.

Really crazy. I have none of the other errors (sim card / bluetooth).
Thank you very much @LaurentG, for keeping this old phone alive.

Hello, i just have the app Yuka wich isn’t working (Zepp and Strava aren’t because of the absence of Gmaps…it’s a shame because strava uses OSM on the web… -_-)
Have a nice day

The same !!! Why strava do not use OSM in mobile app… Strava web is quite fine…

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This happened on one of my S7 on stock ROM as well, might be just a general problem with some devices.

Thank you for building new builds for this phone.
Are your build planned to become official and installed through easyinstaller and/or OTA update ?
Is it planned to have a Q build on this Galaxy S7 ?