[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Xiaomi 11T Pro (vili) for /e/OS-T

Xiaomi 11T Pro (vili) for /e/OS-T 1.16

Please see sources and install instructions including recovery here:

I do not own the devices, so anyone who is brave enough can test the build.

Use it at you own risk!
Please support the developer(s)!

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Installed today successfully. Booted no problem.
Settings has a few issues, some areas crash when attempting to open. Havent tested calling etc yet.
Thanks for your great work…


There are known issues for 1.16 with some setting crashing. The 1.16.1 version fixed it.
I’ll do a 1.17 build when I find some time

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Thank you.
Most appreciated. Excited to try the new build.



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That was fast. Thank you mate :+1:

Looks to be a winner. I just need to throw in a sim card to test calling etc. All else is amazing.
Thank you so much for your great work.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:
Please provide feedback so others might want to try this build too

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I certainly will leave feedback once I install a sim.
Thanks again.

Vendor Name : Xiaomi
Device Name : 11T Pro
Device Codename : Vili
Version /e/OS : Stock Miui
Rooted : No

Install was smooth. Device is operating great. Thanks to @ronnz98 and team for your great work.