[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Xiaomi Mi 9 (cepheus) for /e/OS-T

Xiaomi Mi 9 (cepheus) for /e/OS-T 1.17


Please see sources and install instructions including recovery here:

Use it at your own risk!
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Hey ronnz98,
the Mi 9 (cepheus) has been well maintained for years (from Android 10) until today iodéOS 4.9 (Android 13) by iodé.tech chief developer @vince31fr. Official ‘stable’ iodéOS is like /e/OS based on LineageOS.

[ROM][cepheus][A13] iodéOS = LineageOS 20 + MicroG + adblocker
device tree cepheus
kernel cepheus

Don’t you want to build a new /e/OS-T v1.19.1 ROM?

PS: Member @petefoth has been building iodéOS ROMs for Sony devices for a while.

Update for /e/OS-T 1.20 (beta):


Hey @ronnz98 you & your AMD Threadripper are

The absolute madness

The absolute madness by Amigos
"You are the reason why I can’t sleep
I think of you day and night"

What code base is your ROM built on?

I do not have AMD Threadtripper but two 16 core AMDs :slight_smile:

Please see sources an here:

Starting point

I come from a fully functional …

:white_check_mark: works perfectly : iodéOS 4.9

Next step

Successful installation step by step as described by XDA Recognized Developer @SebaUbuntu

:white_check_mark: lineage-20.0-20240120-UNOFFICIAL-cepheus

Next step

:white_check_mark: Successful installation of e-recovery e-1.20-t-20240204-UNOFFICIAL-cepheus by @ronzz98

:sos: Then two install attempts, two aborted installs:

  1. After installing the e-recovery via adb sideload e-1.20-t-20240204-UNOFFICIAL-cepheus.zip by @ronnz98
    :x: Installation aborted - Status 1.

  2. After installing the e-recovery via
    fastboot wipe-super lineage-20.0-20240120-UNOFFICIAL-cepheus-super_empty.img
    :x: Resizing ‘system’ - FAILED (remote: ‘Not enough space to resize partition’)

Now I’m back on iodéOS 4.9 and everything is running like a charm.