[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Xiaomi Mi A3 (laurel_sprout) e-1.1-r

Here’s an unofficial build for this device. Built from the e-1.1-r branch.

Install Instructions:
0. Make sure you have upgraded to Android 11 stock.

  1. flash lineage OS recovery with fastboot flash boot lineage.img (link provided)
  2. After completion , Hold volume UP and POWER Button, untill the Android One logo appears. Once it appears, release the POWER button.
  3. Format System and Data partition
  4. Install the rom via ADB sideload.
  5. Reeboot to system.

ROM link:


Lineage Recovery:


This Rom is tested.


Google Drive

The file does not exist.

Make sure that you are using the correct URL and that the file exists.

Lineage Recovery is available online.

I would expect to find an /e/ Recovery in the build $out directory.

@xcaliber’s lineage recovery for laurel_sprout is downloadable, but /e/OS-R ROM is not.

Hi @Gianna this is true, I was addressing @xcaliber to inform him that I expected his build to produce an /e/ Recovery. :slight_smile:

the URL is down, please reupload