[Unofficial Build] Xiaomi Redmi k20 / Mi 9T (davinci) eOS - Q

New unofficial Q-build for Redmi Mi 9T (davinci)

Device info : https://download.lineageos.org/davinci

Make a backup first and share your expierence.


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Thank you it works !

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Nice !
So how to update without erasing data ?

Just dirty flash, so don’t wipe data/internal storage.
In TWRP I always wipe Dalvik/Art Cache/Cache and System when i use the dirty flash.
Install Rom and wipe cache…

Ok thank you, very usefull.
So to resume :

  1. Wipe Dalvik/Art Cache/Cache and System
  2. Don’t Wipe data / internal storage
  3. Install
  4. Wipe cache again

In this guide : [HOWTO] Update /e/ They only “Wipe cache/dalvik”

Exactly…but only when you already had installed Q

hum ok so now this is an upgrade but correct me if I’m wrong previous version you built was already on Q

Yep, that’s also a Q-version. When you upgrade within Q you can dirty flash. But when you’re going from Pie to Q then you’ll have to do a clean flash

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Cool thank you for your patience and advises

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I don’t know what new features are but thank you !

Security update december and microg update are the most important

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Ok I see some update on bluetooth, I will test as it didn’t connect automatically to my car …

Bluetooth still not automatic on my car …
Camera is not working on this ROM !

This rom is build on the official sources of LineageOS.
So there is not much I can possibly do to solve these issues.

What if you flash a GSI build…
Your device is supported in project treble. Maybe that will solve the issues.

What is a GSI build ?

Previous ROM had camera fully supported ! Not that experience we have with xiaomi build but it works

What is weird is that I can’t revert back to 0.12. Same file I sent before to my phone, it refuses to boot to /e/ ! It starts showing /e/ logo then reboot on TWRP. Fortunately I could reinstall 0.12 but without camera it’s blocking … Reminds me some informatics behaviors : don’t fix it if it works !

So some final words : to get back on previous release (0.12) you made @itsclarence, I wipe all data and it did nothing with 0.12 it still reboot on twrp … I needed to format my smartphone. When formated I could relaunch 0.12.

So remake it with 0.14 : format then adb sideload 0.14 : camera not working. Crap build ! Linphone was not working as well
Not a smooth upgrade/downgrade and strange experience : not ready for all users …