[UNOFFICIAL BUILDS] Galaxy Tab A - SM-T580 (gtaxlwifi), SM-T585 (gtaxllte), SM-P580 (gtanotexlwifi), and SM-P585 (gtanotexllte) for /e/OS-S

Galaxy Tab A - SM-T580 (gtaxlwifi), SM-T585 (gtaxllte), SM-P580 (gtanotexlwifi), and SM-P585 (gtanotexllte) for /e/OS-S 1.16

SM-T580 (gtaxlwifi)

SM-T585 (gtaxllte)

SM-P580 (gtanotexlwifi)

SM-P585 (gtanotexllte)

Please see sources and install instructions including recovery here:

I do not own the devices, so anyone who is brave enough can test the build.
I did not apply the optional patches.

Use it at you own risk!
Please support the developer(s)!

I flashed an SM-T585 (gtaxllte) as a fresh installation today, and at first glance, everything seems to be working. Thank you very much.

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Just flashed it to an unused SM-T580 (gtaxlwifi).
Everything works like a charm!

Thanks for this effort.

Maybe we could add them to official builds as those tablets were quite common on the market.

@Manoj @rhunault

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Hi @GaelDuval we are working on identifying the next set of devices to upgrade and new devices to add to our supported list. Will share the feedback on the gtaxlwifi with the build team.

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