[UNOFFICIAL BUILDS] Samsung Galaxy Exynos9611 devices M21, M31, M31s and F41 for /e/OS-T

Samsung Galaxy Exynos9611 devices M21, M31, M31s and F41 for /e/OS-T 1.21

Galaxy M21 (m21)
Galaxy M31 (m31)
Galaxy M31s (m31s)
Galaxy F41 (f41)






I don’t have install instructions please look at XDA forum.

Use it at your own risk!
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Retail Branding Marketing Name Device Model
Samsung Galaxy M21 m21 SM-M215F
Samsung Galaxy M21 2021 Edition m21 SM-M215G
Samsung Galaxy M31 m31 SM-M315F
Samsung Galaxy M31s m31s SM-M317F
Samsung Galaxy F41 f41 SM-F415F

according to https://xdaforums.com/t/recovery-unofficial-3-5-2-twrp-for-galaxy-m21-cwb1-and-above.4575755/

Prerequisites: Samsung USB drivers, Odin v3.14.1

  1. Make sure OEM Unlock is ON in developer settings;
  2. Turn off the phone;
  3. Press the volume down + volume up button whilst the phone is connected to a pc to boot in download mode;;
  4. Long press vol up then confirm you want to unlock bootloader (this is needed one time only);
  5. Please be aware all your data will be erased including internal storage and phone will reboot!!
  6. Let the phone boot normally, pass the setup and connect to internet (wireless or mobile data) in order to unlock RMM;
  7. Make sure OEM Unlock is ON in developer settings;
  8. Turn off the phone;
  9. Use vol down + Bixby key + USB cable plugged to a pc to start the phone in download mode, short press vol up to confirm you want to go to download mode;
  10. If by any chance you see RMM state=Prenormal or KG state=Prenormal, factory reset data and redo from step 5!
  11. Download TWRP.tar from download link below;
  12. Open odin and place the TWRP.tar file in AP slot and press start. Once you press start, keep holding power and volume up button and the device will reboot to recovery mode.
    • If you’re coming from stock, go to “Wipe” > "“Format Data” > type “yes” to format data. If you skip this, Internal storage won’t work in TWRP
  13. Flash the encryption_disabler.zip from the link below to disable internal storage encryption and patch stock recovery restoration.
  14. Additionally, flash TWRP_Bootlogo_patcher to patch warning screens when booting the device.
  15. If you want to root, flash Magisk.