[UNOFFICIAL BUILDS] Samsung Galaxy Note10 (d1) / Note10+ (2ds) Note10+ 5G (2dx) for /e/OS-T

Unofficial builds for Samsung Galaxy Note10 (d1) / Note10+ (2ds) Note10+ 5G (2dx) for /e/OS-T-1.17
These devices are officially supported by LineageOS (20)




Use it at your own risk!
Please support the developer(s)!

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Cool! Great that people develop /e/OS builds for not yet supported devices.

/e/OS-S is supported. But not /e/OS-T yet for this devices

maybe soon :smiley:
Note10+ works great with /e/

Did you install the unofficial T version?

I tryed it… but with “error 21”
so i think i will Wipe my Phone first.
Is a Downgrade to e/OS-S possible for the Note10+?

i have installed it…
After “error 21” now it asked if i want install it anyway… And i say yes.

I haven’t wipe it, all my apps are here with all data.

Now i’m playing with it to found any bugs or lags or some problens and right now i can’t find nothing.

I thank you so much dear Ronnz98 for building it.

I love my Note10+ on /e/ T

Did you install the unofficial T version ?

You may have to update your Samsung firmware to latest 2023 august version ended by HWHA


Hi Piero,
yes i have installed it, and it works great!
No problems, no lags, all works smooth.
Ronnz98 make a great work with this build!

I would say @Manoj can think about to make it to a official /e/ for the SM-N975F.