[UNOFFICIAL BUILDS] Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ / Note 8 for /e/OS S

Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ / Note 8 for /e/OS S-1.15 builds:

Samsung Galaxy S8 (dreamlte)

Samsung Galaxy S8+ (dream2lte)

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (greatlte)

Please see sources and install instructions including recovery here:

Use it at you own risk!
Please support the developer(s)!


Man you are on fire!

My computer is on fire :rofl:

Samsung Galaxy S8 (2017)

For Europe, Global Single-SIM

Vendor Name: Samsung
Device name: SM-G950F
Device CodeName: dreamlte
Version of Stock android 9-Pie - G950FXXUCDVI1
Version of /e/OS: e-1.15-s-20230914-UNOFFICIAL-dreamlte by @ronnz98
Version of Custom Recovery: SHRP_v3.1_stable-Official_dreamlte
The device is Not rooted

:white_check_mark: 4G | LTE
:white_check_mark: Wi-Fi WLAN
:white_check_mark: USB-C 3.1 OTG
:white_check_mark: OTG USB-C Stick
:white_check_mark: OTG USB-C Stick to OTG-USB-A adapter
:white_check_mark: OTG USB-C adapter RJ45 ~ wired LAN
:white_check_mark: OTG USB-C headset
:white_check_mark: OTG USB-C adapter to standrad 3,5mm jack headset
:white_check_mark: 3,5mm jack headset
:white_check_mark: GPS
:white_check_mark: Compass
:white_check_mark: e-Cameras
:white_check_mark: Secure Camera (GrapheneOS) + QR-Scan
:white_check_mark: my SmartHome applications work properly
:white_check_mark: microSDXC 128GB
:white_check_mark: Bluetooth Sound box JBL Bar
:white_check_mark: Bluetooth 10" Keyboard Fintie
:x: Bluetooth 10" Keyboard Inateck KB01101 - also doesn’t work with /e/OS-R official
:x: Samsung DeX Cable USB-C to HDMI (EE-I3100) - also doesn’t work with /e/OS-R official
:x: Samsung DeX Station (EE-MG950) HDMI - also doesn’t work with /e/OS-R official
:white_check_mark: Samsung DeX Station USB 2.0
:white_check_mark: Samsung DeX Station Ethernet RJ45 ~ wired LAN
:white_check_mark: Samsung DeX Station USB-C charging

Thank you @Ivan_Meler for LineageOS source code. Thank you very much @ronnz98 for building this /e/OS-S ROM :+1:

Custom recoveries

TeamWin - TWRP twrp-3.7.0_9-0-dreamlte_2022-10-15
OrangeFox Recovery OrangeFox-dreamlte-stable@R11.1_2_2022-07-29
SKYHAWK Recovery SHRP_v3.1_stable-Official_dreamlte-1675557161_2023-02-05


before your builds I was on lineages os20 with android 13.
For 3 months I look for a custom room with “encryption.”
2 days ago i find your build with A12, your custom room look very good but I have some problems
First I cant change the blue color there is not option to changer style
Second I chose “don’t show notification at all” for lock screen. But when i listen my music
on lock screen the media player is still on the top menu

is it possible to me to fix this alone ?

I’m not a developer. You might reach out to the developer at XDA forum.
I think I will try also a Android T version to build for Samsung S8 now…

Please see /e/OS-T builds :slight_smile:

yea good job the room look nice but still no encryption like los20 :sob:
maybe in los21

Isn’t encryption setup in the settings options of the phone?

yea but the i think its the same problem with los20 they say
“Storage Encryption (WIP switching to FBE from FDE since FDE was removed in 13)”

Hi I was running your 1.12 S build on Note8 greatlte and after few weeks , no one can hear me either GSM calls or VOIP , Mic works as recording my voice is OK

I Will flash 1.15 but do you know how to configure/reset these settings ?

You mean 1.16S? I don’t have the device so I don’t know.
I can make a new build when 1.17 is final if you still want to use it

I also made a T Build a while ago…

I tried Dirty Flash your 1.15-S for greatlte and it does not boot anymore :grinning:

Not My perfect day it seems , I will try again tomorrow

ok. have you seen anon29344687 comments above?

Yes about dreamlte , but I guess my problem comes from the fact that data was not formatted and somehow it does not like it

So you did not perform a clean install?

No I’d like to keep my app data , and going from 1.12-S to 1.15-S felt safe to me

I can’t find the 1.12 previous ROM , do you have a link ? thx

I did not build a 1.12 version. Please see the versions I build so far:


Sorry my mistake was to think my rom was S , it was T actually
The one I flashed was e-1.12-t-20230530-UNOFFICIAL-greatlte.zip