[UNOFFICIAL BUILDS] Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 WiFi (klimtwifi) SM-T700 / Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 LTE (klimtlte) SM-T705 for eOS Q

I was curious if I can build for Pie and was successful. Can anyone please test if at least this version works?



Ok, one last try. I found different sources. Please try:



Hi, i got the e-0.23-p-20240113-UNOFFICIAL-klimtwifi.zip version to boot

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I attempted the e-1.17-q-20240113-UNOFFICIAL-klimtwifi.zip and it booted past the e splash screen but then just had a black screen, was able to use power button to power down, restart etc

That great. At least one version thats confirmed working.

Yes, great perseverance by yourself to keep at it for us galaxy tab 8.4 users, much appreciated…, the q version almost worked.

Maybe someone want to debug Q or R version build and provide some feedback?

Hi ronnz98 I’m wait for right version to boot normally :face_holding_back_tears:

Try e-0.23-p version…

Tnx . I had a question, Android 13 for the t705 tablet, there is a version of lineage os 20 and its speed is also good, but after a few moments of use, any software that you open, such as gallery or google chrome, closes automatically without any error, is there no way to fix the problem? It’s a really fast ROM

I’m not the developer of this ROM. You need to reach out and ask the developer. Most of the Android 13 versions are unfortunately in ALPHA stage so not very stable. Also they are not easy to port because either using LineageOS-UL sources are many patches needed.
Did you try the Pie version of /e/OS?

Yes not problem on boot tnx

What is this project about, anyway?

LineageOS-UL is ‘LineageOS Ultra Legacy’, It consists essentially of forks of some LineageOS repos, that can be used to build LOS-based ROMs for ‘legacy’ devices, LOS discontinued support in earlier versions.

LOS now only supports 18.1 &19.1 devices, and some of their recent code is incompatible with devices that are ‘stuck’ on earlier android versions. To make a LOS-based ROM using the LOS sources, a ROM developer would have to apply a lot of patches to make the LOS code build for these devices.

To avoid this, the LineageOS-UL project starts with and older version of the LineageOS code, and the project then back-ports the changes from the LOS code. ROM developers building for these old devices use the LineageOS-UL repos in place of the LOS repos (by using https://github.com/LineageOS-UL/android.git in their call to repo init), allowing their ROMs to build without having to apply a lot of patches.

Unofficial Lineage ROMs built using LineageOS-UL include builds for devices

The latest LOS code that was compatible with these devices was around 15.1 / Android pie: using LineageOS-UL has allowed the production of 20.0 / Android 13 builds for these devices, with developers currently working on 21.0 / Android 14 builds


I didn’t get/see that part… I thought it was only keeping to old LOS sources alive and didn’t understand why — as in, is LOS going to remove them from their project…
Thanks @petefoth



Hello! I am a sm-t700 (klimtwifi) user.

I first found your thread on XDA here.
I could not get any version working except - e-0.23-p-20240113-UNOFFICIAL-klimtwifi.zip from XDA. I have tried e-1.20-r-20240223-UNOFFICIAL-klimtwifi.zip and it does not get past the boot animation even after doing the following

Please note feedback to get it work:
after first boot let it boot for a minute then vol down power hard turn off and let it restart then it will boot to setup !

I am willing to help you with development so that we all can get a working device that works smoothly with Microphone and Camera support. Please let me know how.


Can you send debug log for boot process?

I cannot logcat the device from boot logo (The bouncing dot on the e logo screen.) The device doesnt connect to my PC in this state.

Any other way I can generate a log?

Attempt to boot klimtwifi version stuck at e splash screen unfortunately