[UNOFFICIAL BUILDS] Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 WiFi (klimtwifi) SM-T700 / Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 LTE (klimtlte) SM-T705 for eOS Q

Confirmed working Q version:



Thanks for testing!

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Hello! SM-T700 klimtwifi booted successfully with e-1.17.1-q-20240307-UNOFFICIAL-klimtwifi.zip. I am testing it thoroughly. I will update you for the same.


Great news! Nearly gave up for this device…
Please provide feedback also for the yet untested version so I can flag which version is working and potentially other exynos 5420 devices might be build…

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I have attached Logcat logs as links:

  1. Log 1
  2. Log 2

Here are some observations from the first time use of e-1.17.1-q-20240307-UNOFFICIAL-klimtwifi.zip.

  1. Feels good to use. DeathlyAuditor + Deathly Kernel helps the device a lot.
  2. Camera can shoot pictures but cannot shoot video. (Same LineageOS problem as other roms)
  3. Audio Recorder can record audio successfully. (Recorded Volume is a bit less)
  4. Speakers play volume is a bit less. Please increase it if possible. (There was an xml you could edit to do this I think. Not sure)
  5. All H/W buttons work fine.
  6. GPS works fine
  7. WiFi works fine. Both 2.4Ghz and 5GHz networks.
  8. Torch, AutoRotate, Streaming via Inbuilt-Browser works fine.
  9. Streaming app service works fine. (I used Stremio app for this)
  10. MicroSD and USB OTG works fine. Local video and music playback works fine

If the camera video recording issue can be fixed then I would be using this as my daily driver ROM. I watch a lot of streams on Discord so I need the camera, mic and video playback working at its best. Then I would think about tuning the kernel and making it work smoother and more efficient.

Here is the ROM running in full glory :smile:

My installation steps for SM-T700 (klimtwifi) were as follows:

  1. Flash Stock ROM via Odin3_v3.14.4. (For me it was my HongKong stock ROM- SM-T700_TGY_T700ZSU1CQC1_fac.zip)
  2. Flash OrangeFox Recovery V0.1.0 Alpha. (TWRP 3.7.0 should work fine too).
  3. Download e-1.17.1-q-20240307-UNOFFICIAL-klimtwifi.zip to Internal Storage.
  4. Boot into Recovery and Clear System, Data, Cache, Dalvik / ART Cache.
  5. Install ROM zip. e-1.17.1-q-20240307-UNOFFICIAL-klimtwifi.zip. (I did not flash gapps at all)
  6. Restart device. It boots into e/OS/ home screen.

Note: if device is connected to USB cable during first boot. IT will be stuck in e logo boot screen.

It is working fine as of 2024-03-07T13:53:00Z

This does not boot. It does not go past the e logo boot screen.

This does not boot. It bootloops at the first boot screen (Samsung logo). e logo does not appear.

This thankfully works as already said in my previous posts :smile:. Just that the camera does not record video. Everything else works fine.

This does not boot. It does not go past the e logo boot screen.

Thanks a lot for the great review. Since I’m not a developer I would need help to fix camera etc.
One possible solution would be to try another app for foto/video? I know puck tried this in one of his videos for one of my custom builds and it works…

I know that the inbuilt camera is based on Open Camera. I also tried downloading the latest Open Camera and it has the same problem of recording but not saving. (App freezes and drains battery until I force close it)

I’ve tried Libre Camera from fDroid but it also freezes when recording.

Basically none of the video calling apps would work :frowning:

I found Secure Camera from GrapheneOS worthy of testing on an older Samsung. (The device probably has Proprietary parts not accessible to Open / Libre cameras.)

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Try Footej Camera 2… Worked on the SM-T800

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You are correct. Graphene OS’s Camera version 66 works flawlessly to capture video. I love the interface too.

@ronnz98 Could it possibly be packaged into this ROM?

This is working for SM-T700 as well!

Up to now I did not made own apps packages. Would mean that this would be a custom build instead of a unofficial build. Anyway I do not yet know how to do this

You are correct. My apologies, let’s keep the build unofficial instead of custom.

Also. It seems like the camera records fine on Instagram. I need to further test for Discord and WhatsApp.

Thanks for your persistence @ronnz98 with the galaxy tab s, yes it seems to install, boot an run fine with those latest builds.

For testing purposes only, I used now a different kernel… who can test please if it boots:


@ronnz98 i gave your latest r-test buildcbut unfortunately got stuck at the samsung logo.

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Retail Branding Marketing Name Device Model
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 klimtlte SM-T705
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 klimtlte SM-T705C
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 klimtlte SM-T705Y
Samsung Galaxy TabS 8.4 klimtlte SM-T705M

One last try… who can test please:


This one installed fine but it doesn’t boot.

Also i have installed e-1.17.1-q-20240307-UNOFFICIAL-klimtwifi.zip. Working so smooth. But there is a problem with youtube. It keeps stop playing about 30 sec later on each videos. Probably an adblockj causing for this. Is there any embedded adblock in the rom which i can remove or disable? (If so, where & how)