[UNOFFICIAL BUILDS] Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 LTE (gts3llte, SM-T825)] / Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 WiFi (gts3lwifi, SM-T820)] for eOS R

Update for /e/OS-R 1.19:



:white_check_mark: works fine!

Thank you for building @ronnz98

Both Galaxy Tab S3 systems are not encrypted, but this can be initiated later.

:white_check_mark: works fine! Thank you for building @ronnz98

Hi man
thank you for your hard work but… your builds have a big problem…
The MAC address of the device is still the same… if you bring 2 S3 tablet and you install your build on them, they will have both the same MAC address, and this is not possible in a LAN network.
Please check because you are distributing an image that put in every device you flash this MAC: 00-a0-c6-eb-5c-d8. Thanks

Unfortunately, I have to confirm @ringo982’s findings: Both of my SM-T825 and one SM-T820 have the same MAC address MAC: 00-a0-c6-eb-5c-d8, although on one Tab S3 /e/OS by @ronnz98 and on the other LOS 18.1 by @Awesometic is installed.

Thanks @Xxpsilon … this is dangerous… this will generate a destructive situation in LAN environments…

I will get in touch with @Awesometic. He’s the developer

Hi @ronnz98 ! Any update?
Is there a e/os build with android 13? I’m looking to e-1.19.1 but i see android 11.

I did also T builds but they might not work- please feel free to test

Can please someone test if these builds fixed the MAC address issue:



The MAC: 00-a0-c6-eb-5c-d8 address is displayed unchanged. The developer @Awesometic. has not yet commented on this topic in the XDA forums. In all his LineageOS 18.1, 19.1 and 20.0 Custom ROMs one and the same MAC address 00-a0-c6-eb-5c-d8 is dormant.

Update for /e/OS-R1.20:



Ronzz how have you been brother …
Can you make a Android 14 for DreamLTE and family …
e Has no 14 yet , and it would be great for the community.
Main-while T713 can also get 13 now . I was absent for a while cause I run a News Station these day’s and its very time consuming but brings allot of good to the channel.
Love to hear from You , I will test the builds for T820 .

Build android 14 based is not possible because /e/OS “U” code will probably won’t be available until september (this is my estimation redarging the past, no official ETA)

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Aahh I did not know that , Pine got official A14 at lineage OS mi439 its called , how about for that device would that be possible?

Updates for /e/OS-R 1.21:

Galaxy Tab S3 LTE (gts3llte, SM-T825)]

Galaxy Tab S3 WiFi (gts3lwifi, SM-T820)]

The MAC: 00-a0-c6-eb-5c-d8 address is displayed unchanged.

[ROM][UNOFFICIAL][14][EAS][OTA][SM-T820][SM-T825][2024-3-9] LineageOS 21 for Galaxy Tab S3 - Awesometic, Apr 2, 2024

For the MAC address problem, I have an idea to randomize the address when the tablet boots up. But don’t have enough spare time to implement this yet Downcast face with sweat :sweat:
I will test it as soon as possible… I’m sorry for all the users expecting this feature since I mentioned the plan a few months ago in the other thread.

e-1.21-r-20240330-UNOFFICIAL-gts3lwifi.zip Works on WiFi, but only if random IP is disabled and native MAC address is used. When using randomised MAC, it tries to connect, and silently fails.

I wanted to address the MAC address problem, but it seems this introduce the Wifi issue. Please see fixed version with Wifi working again:



Updates for /e/OS-R 2.0:

Galaxy Tab S3 LTE (gts3llte, SM-T825)]

Galaxy Tab S3 WiFi (gts3lwifi, SM-T820)]