[UNOFFICIAL BUILDS] Samsung Tabs SM-713 / SM-813 / SM-719 / SM-T819 eOS Q

So here is a bunch of eOS Q-1.15 builds for this 4 Samsung devices. I tested on SM-713 and could boot.
The 3 other devices I don’t own so I could not test.

Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 LTE (2016) SM-T819 gts210velte

Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Wi-Fi (2016) SM-T813 gts210vewifi

Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 LTE (2016) SM-719 gts28velte

Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 Wi-Fi (2016) SM-713 gts28vewifi

Please note, functionality seems to be as outlined in XDA forum for this devices:

Problems known to happen after a Dirty Installation

  1. A muddled up mess of a system. You are taking a rom and installing a newer rom with changes over the top of your old rom. Between these two periods of time during which you used your tablet and created data, changed system options, and used apps. This is absolutely increasing the risk of causing problems somewhere in the system/data partitions. Some people have luck with Dirty Flashing. However, it’s always hit-and-miss because of what we mentioned above about bug fixes breaking previously working functions. Dirty flashing doesn’t only create problems if the source code of the system data and the system settings of the new build are significantly different from those of your previous build. That’s not to say that Clean Installing won’t ever create problems, but only bugs present on a Cleanly Installed rom are relevant for development purposes.

* Clean Install: Fully wiping everything and installing the rom onto a fully clean system/data partition of the tablet.

  • Dirty Install: Installing the rom and GApps over top of the older rom to save time and not have to reinstall all the user apps and tweaking system and app settings that usually take a lot of time to set up as you like.


  • The rom bootloops only after clean flashing. Force rebooting allows it to boot properly the second time and every time afterwards. See the FAQ’s above.
  • The cameras work, but with a delayed response, so they are impractical to use.
  • T719 & T819: RIL does not work at all.

Please see sources and install instructions including recovery here:

Use it at you own risk!
Please support the developer(s)!


Thank you for your builds but they are a litle too late ;- ) I just migrated to an unofficial LineageOS v18.1 Android 11 system because of the security updates.

Beside that I tested your T-813 version on a spare tablet and stumbled upon:

Although I installed from the microSD card after two reboots the card shows up but any attempt to access ends up in a force close of the filemanager. Working after clearing app cache & memory!

Not sure if I will provide logs because my interest and time in this version is low to little, little too low…

Working fine:

  • automatic screen on / off with bookcover
  • video recording
  • wlan
  • USB stick
  • maps starts fine
  • weather widget
  • app lounge
  • factory reset (after two boots)


  • filemanager crash switching list / thumb nail view
  • foto camera crash after trigger (newly installed open camera same)
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you want a T813 eOS R version?

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Wow. Any chance the Active tab 3 (T575] series will become e.os enabled?

Would be great, I am using this tablet on my motorcycle for navigation, and would love to get rid of the Google spyware there as well…

Very unlikely. Newer Samsung do not have custom ROMs due to several reasons.
You can have a look at:

for Samsung devices. Some of them have unofficial builds for various LineageOS versions and might be ported to eOS

If feasible, yes. I would like to see it :- )

For me, it’s never too late to switch to /e/OS, especially if it’s an alternative to LineageOS. So your builds are much appreciated, @roonz98.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 (2016)

Vendor Name: Samsung
Device name: SM-T819 (LTE)
Device CodeName: gta2xlwifi
Version of Stock android 7.0 - T819XXU2BRB2
Version of /e/OS: e-1.15-q-20230904-UNOFFICIAL-gts210velte by @roonz98
Version of Custom Recovery: TWRP 3.6.2_9-0
The device is Not rooted

/e/Camera does not always work immediately, i.e. it needs a few seconds to synchronize. When switching from the selfie to the main camera, the image freezes for a few seconds, but then it becomes active. Overall, the /e/ camera works best out of a total of four tested open source camera apps.

With the camera app HedgeCam 2 global, I get the error message: “Failed to open camera. Camera my be in use by another Applactions? ID:0”

Wi-Fi works flawlessly,
4G LTE does not work.
Two SIM cards from different carriers are not recognized. Thus, no PIN is requested when the SIM is inserted into the slot.

Please continue!

Is this the right CodeName for

I have the gta2xlwifi, but with FRP… still trying to remember the account :thinking:

I did R builds now for those devices. Q builds I will not do any more.

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you should skip it using samfw-frp-tool