Unofficial /e/ OS - Android S/12 - Xiaomi redmi note 10 pro **sweet**

Another S/Android 12 build for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10pro - sweet

A big thanks to pulkit077, whose sources have premitted me to assemble this rom.

- Please make sure you use the latest twrp version, 3.7.0-a12.0 to flash the ROM.
- It is recommended to clean flash, for this device with dynamic partitioning, that means flash the rom and then format data.
- If you are coming from a different vendor version please make sure to flash miui vendor first, accordingly to your region.
- If you are coming from a different Android version make sure to rollback to android 12 firmware.

I have tested this rom the past 2 weeks myself and am happy about feedback or to assisst if needed.

Find the rom file here

Enjoy /e/ on the Xiaomi Redmi note 10pro


hey bro why dont u add this rom to telegram note 10 pro updates group
if u will give me permission can i create a post and share it so that those who are intrested in it can flash it.

and there is a bug with bliss launcher (keeps resetting)
and internet connection isn’t stable
if its issue from my side i will let u know
i will flash it again to address this problem

About the bugs you are facing, i am not using bliss launcher so i can neither confirm nor deny that.
The internet on the other hand has been rocksolid for me also whilst traveling through multiple EU countries. Maybe try starting from ground zero and reflash some firmware?
Also a friend of mine, having the same phone, has not reported any of the described bugs.
If nothing else works, can you provide logs?

About it being posted in the update group, yeah you may go ahead, if anyone is interested in this ROM. So far i have not seen a big interest in anything alike outside of the /e/ communities.

Just please if you do forward a post there, let me read through before :slight_smile:

for bugs i reflashed the rom and now will check again
ok bro i will create post
before uploading it to updates channel i will share it with u

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I also forwarded the post to ur telegram id

thanks for creating this rom, it works like a charm the past few days.
I have just one small question, is it save to re-lock the bootloader while running /e/ on a Note 10 pro?
Prior to this i had it working with a LineageOS 19 Rom via “fastboot flashing lock”.
Having to setup the whole phone again would be no problem but a bricked device doesnt sound so appealing

I have not attempted a relock of the bootloader on this device but also would not dare to do so. And advice you not to try so.


Hi Jannes,

thanks for sharing this excellent ROM!

I would highly appreciate if it would get an update to Android 13 … or even better … if it would become official one day.

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Is there a way to update this ROM? Officail ROM get some updates already…