Unofficial /e/ OS discord?

I’ve started a discord server, which I’ve named "/e/ OS - Unofficial, but would like to ask you all here if this is okay before inviting anyone. Discord is not particularly privacy-respecting, and I also do not have any legal right to use the /e/ name; this is why I put “Unofficial” quite prominently in the server’s title. Is this okay? I will post an invitation link as a reply here if so. Discord is one of my main means of online communication, and is very useful, but I am certain that a more ethical solution would be better.

Please provide me with your opinions, or answer if anyone seeing this has the right to give a definitive answer on this.

Thank you,

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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What you do in your private capacity is your business. You cannot use /e/'s name nor does it represent /e/. You can not invite people on this forum to your site by advertising it here, as that is not the purpose of this forum. This is a forum for users to discuss /e/ and related services.
Closing this thread here.