Unrecognized Certificate


I was trying to use ecloud mail using K9 app. I’m getting ‘Unrecognized Certificate’ message.

I’ve had this problem too.
You can see that the CA (Certification Authority) that issued the certificate is Let’s Encrypt (the line that says with Issuer: CN=Let’s Encrypt).
Let’s Encrypt is the CA that issued the certificate. It is free for all to use but not all softwares recognizes it so you’d have to accept it manually. The software (K9) is saying to you: I don’t know this CA so I can´t be sure this is a valid certificate.
Another example, the SeaMonkey browser still didn’t add this CA to its list so it casts a warning whenever you try to open a website with Let’s Encrypt certificate.
It’s ok to accept, Let’s Encrypt is on the market for a while now and it’s reliable. I use it in several ways on the servers I run.

Hi @AnkS, sorry for the late reply.

Did you enter the mail server parameters manually or were they auto-detected from your e.email address? I think the problem is with the connection being attempted to imap.ecloud.global and not mail.ecloud.global which is the canonical/main one.

We’ll look into this since it seems a problem in our configuration.