Unsupported app! in App Lounge

Are you able to download the app on, say, a PC then copy the .apk to the phone and have it installed by your browser or whatever?

This might side step App Lounge “selective” behaviour.

I mean to know more than the App interface tells, one needs to query with play-api utilities to get a raw response to step through/compare textually, see the aurora credits for projects that can do this or use gplayapi itself - README.md · master · Aurora OSS / GPlayApi · GitLab

Reading again the merge description, contrary to what I thought (“hinges on the google account”), ip country location seems to be a criteria. See their “test procedure” to clear app-lounge caches when changing network/ip.

In what country is ipinfo.io placing you when you test? maybe you should add this to the gitlab issue.

If your IP is shown as being a french network and the App is not listed, then it qualifies as bug.

btw - for me the tcl-e-ticket App is filtered at the DATA level (german ip) → not shown at all in the listing, while for you it was filtered at the UI level → shown, but with N/A button

the logic to decide all this is at getAppFilterLevel()

Good idea, i have to try!

Ok thank you very much, my ip seems to locate me at the real location .
Not listed +bfrench network ->qualify as bug

Okay I am sorry, I think the app is not compatible with the FP4
tcl e-ticket app assistance

In the question related to the compatibility section :
"Is my phone compatible with the TCL E-Ticket app?

The TCL E-Ticket application is compatible with an Android mobile phone, version 5 or higher, with an NFC chip, except for the Nexus 5X and 5, Pixel 2, 2XL, XL, 3, 3a, 3a XL, 3XL, 4, 4a, 4XL, Asus Z00A, Z00A_1, Z00A_3, Fairphone4 FP4, Motorola Nexus 6, moto g pro, Vivo V2066"

Should I close the issue on the gitlab ?


Leaving your final explanation will surely help others before you close. Maybe app-lounge can have a helptext with hints. I wouldnt have guessed its due to NFC chip incompatability

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