Unwanted BlockedNumbers ... unable to unlock


Since August 2022, I have issue exchanging with one specific person; and only one.
I can call her, send her SMS or MMS.
She can call me, but I never ever receive her SMS or MMS.

I tried numerous things, blocking/unblocking numbers & co… without any success …
I tried ShouldIAnswer filter system instead of the Messages build-in one.

Today, we made another unsuccessful test, while I was checking the log, and this is - I guess - one which is related:
BlockedNumbers: isBlocked: BLOCKED; number=, e164=, foundOrig=, foundE164=

It is not easy to say because information are not complete …

How could I get the list of really blocked numbers (with a CLI, instead of the usual Messages settings GUI, where ofc the corresponding number is NOT shown) ?
Is there a way to reset all that ?
Anything else I can try to unlock this very boring situation ?

Many thanks.

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How could I get the list of really blocked numbers (with a CLI… )

you’ll need to enable adb root for this

adb root
adb shell content query --uri content://com.android.blockednumber/blocked

as in Implementing Block Phone Numbers  |  Android Open Source Project

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Thanks for your answer.

Unfortunately, I do not have any “ADB root access” option in developers options.

Does the following trick needed for /e/os ? android - "ADB Root access is disabled" Even with root access enabled - Stack Overflow
Edit: neither su or sudo commands are available on my phone atm … :confused:

Is there any simpler way to enable root access on /e/os ?

My current image is: 1.5-20221028230215


you can boot into twrp, mount /system (just having a checkmark on it suffices) and edit the /system/build.prop (adb’d shell within twrp) to allow for


But before, I think a valid “sanity check” is to insert your SIM into any other phone and test if you can receive SMS/MMS by your counterparty.

I’d be more curious about SMS not working than MMS - the latter is just an http fetch on a data connection to some provider internal mmc that won’t work if your data conn is off. How can you differentiate what is an sms and mms with the sender?

Thanks for your answer, do you have a guide to boot on twrp?

@tcecyk is it the way to boot into twrp like you recommended it? Install TWRP

you want to go down that rabbit hole? :slight_smile: did you check your sim with another phone so you can be sure it’s the phone? I’m skeptical for the issue being a blocked number or even SMS itself

the doc is proper, but you can also boot twrp just temporarily without a need to flash it to the partition - just get the right twrp for your device and issue “adb reboot bootloader” and when you’re within the bootloader “fastboot boot twrp.img


Some days ago, when I was close to perform all theses instructions, I upgraded /e/OS to the last version 1.6-20221129238947, and suddenly in Call logs, I discovered the regarded number was Blocked.
Once I unblock it, I could receive SMS and MMS from the contact!

So it seems there is a bug: even if the phone number is NOT blocked in the Messages App, if it is blocked on Call side, we don’t receive SMS/MMS.

Thanks for your help.
It was an issue since August 2022, it is now OK.

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