Unwanted SMS to MMS conversion when trying to send to multiple recipients

Hello, I have a problem with the sms application proposed by EOS. It seems that trying to send an SMS to a group of recipients (from 2 recipients) causes the forced conversion of this sms to MMS format. No reason. I receive a notification (under the message) of failure to send the “mms”. I have not integrated any emoticon or other in the sms. And the problem occurs as much with short sms (below the standard number of characters of a single sms) as with long sms. Could someone explain to me where this could come from? I should mention (this has something to do with it) that I chose not to keep the contacts application proposed by EOS. At first I tried it, but I wanted to be able to manage predefined groups of contacts. The default application didn’t seem to be able to do that (nor the default sms application) so I opted for the tool in the Simple Tools suite, in FDROID. Any suggestions welcome, thanks! (I should mention that I use a Fairphone 2 with the version of EOS adapted to this device).

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I’m afraid that’s how /e/OS’s Message app (and the open source QKSMS app on which it is based) has chosen to implement ‘Group messages’.

The reason might be because MMS allows some kind of ‘reply to all’ feature allowing ‘group chats’, whereas the ‘send to multiple recipients’ functionality that I am used to, just means sending separate messages with the same content to several recipients, who would not be aware that the message has gone to others.

If you want plain SMS to multiple recipients rather than ‘group chat’ then I think you will need to find a different messaging app. It might be worth looking at Simple SMS Messenger which claims

The app properly handles group messaging too,

thank you very much for this explanation, I see it more clearly