Updat/e/ OverTheAir


First of all I would like to thank the community for providing this project.
I’m using /e/ for about 10 days on my everyday smartphone, a Oneplus 3t.

Quick questions I would like to ask : should I install all updates? I missed one and a more recent version was made available. Do I need to install both, or is it some kind of cumulative update and the latest would be sufficient?
Is there a risk to brick the phone when performing OTA updates?


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You should update to the latest version available whenever you want to, the update is the whole ROM & therefore if you miss a few or a lot of updates with the exceptions where the android version changes or when it is explicitly mentioned to do clean flash its fine to update from the updater without clean flash. The risk is as much there as when you flash anything so its there but it has a very small chance of bricking.

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