Update and "compatible Recovery": what do I need?

I just received my Samsung Galaxy S9 with /e/ preinstalled and checked for updates. There is an update available, but when I start the update tells me “Note: This feature requires a compatible Recovery or updates will need to be installed manually.”

This means almost nothing to me. Is the downloaded image the “Recovery”? When I proceed with the update, will I need to find it? Where would it be?

Thanks for any clarifications.

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Witch version is installed for now ?

It currently has /e/OS 0.16-20210422111918. The update is 0.17-20210531117530.

OK, so, it is stable Oreo version
which recovery manager is actually installed ?
I think it is TWRP installed, but it could be the e-recovery.

I think both will accept OTA update, the e-recovery for sure, but for TWRP i am not sure for recent OTA updates on recent phone.

If TWRP is not capable to do the OTA update, you have two solutions :

  1. is using the TWRP install feature to install the update (the downloaded update .ZIP file is located under /data/lineages_updates).
  2. is using the TWRP install feature to install the e-recovery (download the e-recovery, then you will find its .IMG file under /sdcard/dowmload) and then doing the OTA update.

Thanks for your reply and for posting the images. Since I received a phone with /e/OS already installed I’m not familiar with TWRP. I found the key combination to put the device into recovery mode and found that TWRP was installed. (For the benefit of others unfamiliar with TWRP:) I allowed TWRP to make changes to the system partition, selected “Install”, and navigated /data/lineages_updates to find the file downloaded. I went ahead and did the update successfully.

Let me ask your advice (as well as anyone else’s) about some details. TWRP asked me if I wanted to install the TWRP app to check for TWRP updates. It also gave an option to make the app a “system app”. Do you recommend these?

Thanks for your help!

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Please don’t install TWRP app : it is useless and sometimes difficult to remove.