Update e/OS very slow

Hi, my Oneplus 8T is receiving the update to e/OS 1.13 right now.
The proces is very, very slow. After one hour, the proces is at 31 percent.
Is this normal?
Greetz, David

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You should let the screen on. Yes, really.


Do you mean the download or the installing process?
In case of installing, try to keep the screen active to speed it up.

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Installing. Thanks for the tip!

Thanks! Now I let the screen on, installing proces is faster!

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I see this every other FP3 update, and despite active screen it’s many hours in the progressbar of “preparing the update” before reboot.

I’m complaining but didn’t yet attach adb to check it out - will do so for the next update

It’s about 20 to 30 minutes for me with the screen active.

it’s in the hours (6+) in the progressbar for the FP3 dev build - I think it started to take that time a few releases past the v1.0 release, let’s guess ~1.4 - 1.6. Plugged + screen on. adb logcat it is…

I wonder what makes this happen. Is it RAM and processor speed? My OnePlus 9 does the job in about 15 minutes.

I guess it’s just a bug - or lots of I/O combined with throttling of both I/O and cpu

I looked at the logcat for the v1.13 → v1.14 ota update and couldn’t reproduce, it went through significantly faster (30min). There is a filed issue for otas running quicker on an active-screen, more comments seem to be non-public - https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/5701#note_295656

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