Update /e/ with encrypted and rooted phone

After flashing /e/ I flashed Magisk and then I encrypted my phone (yes, not the good order but it worked.)
Can I update my phone in a “classic” way given the two elements?
Since I can no longer use TWRP because my phone is encrypted, I would rather not have any problems.
Thank you in advance

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Hi @Pragmethik,

Update process calls the recovery, so TWRP. If you can no longer use it because of encryption, update will probably fail.

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Okay, I won’t try any update in this case , thanks for your answer

That is strange. Encryption, rooted (at that time I used addonsu…) and TWRP should work, it was working for me (Galaxy S5 and Lineage Micro G). Now I am using a S7 (with the e.foundation OS) and did not yet encrypt it (because of the beta state). I will wait with encryption until things are working clearly. :wink:

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