Update error when trying to update to 1.0

Hello people, hole you’r heaving a great day!

I’m having problems updating e/OS 0.23-20220401175185 to e/OS 1.0.
I’m using a Oneplus Nord (Avicii) with e Recovery 0.23.

Whenever I try to update the firmware I get an installation error. I allreay read in the forum that it could have to do something with an outdated recovery but found no further information.

Is there someone who could maybe direct me to a thread where theres a fix (if there is one I haven’t found it) or give idears on what to try? That whould be awesome!

Cheers, Yillis

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Hi @Yillis welcome to the /e/ forum.

Your question is almost a carbon copy of Upgrade to /e/OS 1.0 or 1.1 - download ok, install does nothing … I made a reply in Post #2

Hi @aibd !

Thanks for the super quick answer :smiley:
I’m hoing to check it out right away!