Update Fairphone partition A? B? new install on update?

I have been using the /e/ OS for the past six or so months. In principle i really like it, and a fan of the project.

My only complaint is updates, and maybe it’s just me – or I have some funky setting/setup somewhere.

I originally installed /e/ without issues, thought all was great.

An update came out, so I ran the updater, and my system would not boot, it was stuck in the “Android system could not boot” boot loop.

I went to adb, and searching the web, I was able to determine that there are two boot partitions on the Fairphone, and it as booting to the wrong one? So I swapped it to the other partition, and was able to boot again with the new OS. There was one caveat, all my personal data, apps, and everything was lost. Not the end of the world, as most stuff i have on a cloud anyway, and can just set it up again, and download/install apps again.

I was hesitant to run the updater after that experience.

six months lapse in time
My maps application stopped working, and i needed to update my /e/ OS to get it to work again.

So, I knew what was coming, so I gathered my notes from my previous experience, and got to it.

Same thing.

System would get into a boot failure loop, and I would have to go to adb -> unlock the device then switch the partition. Then, it would boot again.

Again, I would have to reinstall all my user data. Not the end of the world, but seems like something is not quite right.

I have scanned the forums, and it seems to work more normally for others, so just curious if anyone has any tips or suggestions what i might try – or what more information I can provide so that this doesn’t happen every time I want to update the system – as it’s not practical.

Thanks in advance.

Maybe this can help: https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/FP3/install

See the part if slot a/b.

I got exactly the same issue during 14 -> 15 upgrade.
Error on boot, then the recovery erased all.
I lost all my apps and content, but apparently I am now running v15.
I hope the next upgrades will not do the same…

I have not updated my phone in some time, because losing everything is kind of impractical.

Ok, it seems to work now. =) woooot