Update issues and NFC


I have a new fairphone 4, which has NFC and I tried to set up either Google pay or PayPal for contactless payments and it won’t recognise either.
Then I tried to do the latest Feb update and it won’t get past 81%. Now installer keeps crashing.
I know I need to return it by 14 days, so unless there’s a quick fix for these issues, how do I go about returning the phone?

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You might try Issues with the Updater and a solution

Great thanks, will try that. Will it fix the issue with contactless payments too?

I don’t know, and have no direct experience, but best to test on latest update.

I see this thread Google Play API Integrity Check failed due to Integrity CANNOT_BIND_TO_SERVICE error (attempting to run Google Pay)

… from this Search – paypal + nfc.

May also be of interest Alternatives to Google Pay?

Hi based in the UK the only real contactless payments option is Apple pay or Google wallet. Potentially PayPal but it’s not reliable enough. Latest update has the same issue. If e/os doesn’t support this I don’t see how they are going to get NFC working for payments. Which unfortunately is a deal breaker for me.