Update Magisk 21.2

I hope to write in the right section,
with Xiaomi MI8 I have to update Magisk from version 20.4 to 21.2,
I don’t understand if I have to check the box “Keep AVB 2.0 / dm-verity”.
I tried to read up on the web but I’m even more confused,
I am very afraid of doing damage in our wonderful operating system,
can i get help?

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don’t use Magisk :slight_smile: …if you not really need. 99,99% of apps don’t need root and root breaks ‘trust’ and a lot of banking apps stop working

I have to use Magisk, but this option when updating me leaves me very doubtful.

May I ask, why do you need root?

Root braucht man z. B. für Titanium Backup, mit eine der wichtigsten Apps zum Nervenschonen :wink: