Update on a oneplus 3T


I 've install /e/ last month on my oneplus3T.
This week, i’ve received a notification for update. (0.14-2021012698290)
The update is downloaded but the installation failed, just after the reboot.
Can i have some help on this?
Can i find a log about the “failed installation” on the phone?

Thank a lot.

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If there is no answer, 'think i’m gonna try de reinstall the last rom.
Is it possible to install without deleted apps and user files? Like an update?

This happens on my device as well. I think it’d work with /e/ Recovery, but that’s just available for few devices at the moment.

I just install them in TWRP, you just have to navigate to the download location: /data/lineageos_updates/

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Ever since I moved to /e/OS it has been a very smooth update process. I have always used TWRP v3.5.1_9-0 since flashing /e/OS in July 2021. I see thereis now a later TWRP but since it is working well, I have not dared update TWRP. I came from a custom ROM. I recommend this version and I hope it helps fix your issue!

Just realised this thread is over a year old…