Update OnePlus 6T


I use an ONEPLUS 6T with e/os V1.6-q (Android 10 Base). it’s very good. it is a real success this e/os.

is it possible to upgrade directly to e/os V1.7-s (android 12 Base) ?

Since the installation in March 2020 of e/os V0.14-q and multiple updates up to V1.16-q on this ONEPLUS 6T, there has been a Stock ROM OnePlus6Oxygen_22.J.62_GLOBAL_0620 with Android 11 available.

Is it necessary to do this ROM update and then install e/os 1.7-s ?
or can I directly install e/os 1.7-s ?

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Yes, you need to install last version of OOS 11 on the device before flashing eOS 1.*-s.