Update, or not to update, that's the question


I have an FP3 with preinstalled /e/. I’m using both the preinstalled app repository Apps and Aurora Store. I often see updates available in Aurora Store that are not present in Apps. I’ll give a few examples:
I have Coinomi installed version, updated on 2020-06-14 according to Apps. In Apps there is no update for it, but in Aurora there is an update version dated 2020-07-01.
I have Protonmail installed version updated 2020-07-02 according to Apps. In Apps there is no update for it, but in Aurora there is an update version dated 2020-06-23.

I read somewhere here that new versions of apps appear in the repository /e/ uses about 1 day after they appear in Google play store. But in the examples above we are talking about weeks. Or is there another reason they don’t appear there? So far I’m thinking either “there must be a good reason the update isn’t showing in Apps, so I shouldn’t install the update”…or “maybe they just didn’t get around to it yet, and it’s totally ok to install the update, maybe I even should do it to remedy possible security risks that might have been solved”. Which of these two lines of thought should I pick? And possibly, what is the reason for the delays and inconsistencies between Apps and Aurora/Google play store.

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The e-apps store has NOT the same apps available as Aurora.
With Aurora you have access to ALL goolag playstore apps.
With e-apps store you only have access to apps from cleanapk.org. and f-droid

That’s the big difference and the reason why you will get different update messages


Thanks for your reply, though that did not at all answer any of my questions. I’m talking about the SAME apps, developed by the SAME developers, but different versions, and the latest ones not being in /e/ Apps after several weeks. The main question being, is it recommendable that we use Aurora to update these apps to the latest version or not. No one else has any comments?

you should update the apps from that location you have downloaded / installed them.
System apps you can’t update. You have to wait untileOS is updating them