Update Support Duration

I consider getting eOS. But how long will I get updates? Is there any way to know before switching?

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What’s your phone ? Is you look, the FP2 can have /e/OS.

I have no supported phone yet. I am considering the Poco X3 Pro because of its features. But how can I be sure its supported inn the future?

You can’t.
If you want to be on a safer side, the phones Murena sell themselves should get support for some time.


If you want to be on the safe side take the Fairphone 5:

As per Fairphone Support homepage
At least 8 (we’ll try 10!) years of security updates

Thanks for the info!
I like the update support for the Fairphone.
But for me there are too many downsides. No Headphone Jack, bad Battery, too expensive…

For the headphone jack you can buy an adapter for under 10€.
The battery is mediocre yes, but a new replacement battery costs only 30€ and can be exchanged easily.
Ok, a new FP4 is still around 500€. A used one might be starting from 350€. I assume some people want to upgrade to the FP5, so more used FP4 will be available soon…

You could open the Supported devices page and use the Search options to check how older Xiaomi are holding up today (as this image shows). (If you also add “Legacy” to the search you will get some insight of others where support has dropped for some reason.)

Historical data is no guarantee to future performance ! :slightly_smiling_face:

I would never buy a phone with no easily changeable battery. I just cracked a AMOLED screen on a Samsung Tab S2 9.7 because I had to replace the battery. To change the battery you have to remove the screen because there are two screws underneath the screen that hold the back panel where the battery is located. Really bad and mean design.