UPDATE: Text and incoming call does not function unless call active

I have just received and activated my new e/ phone and after sending a couple text messages, it stopped sending or receiving. The error message reads:

We see your phone does not have correct settings to access the internet or send MMS. Settings will be sent to your handset.

I do not see where the settings were sent, and I am stull unable to send/receive messages. This is a problem since I use text for work purposes. Can anyone help me update settings? I have searched both the settings app as well as the texting app with no luck Thank you!

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Have you tried Settings | System | Advanced | reset options | Reset WiFi, mobile & Bluetooth?

Thanks for the reply. Yes I did reset the above, and I actually did some additional testing and found that the phone only sends/receives text messages and receives incoming calls when I place a call.

For example, I called my colleague and when speaking with him on an active call, I sent him a text and it was received. During the call I received a text response, and replied again with no problem. Once I disconnected, the phone no longer functioned as though it disconnected from the network without an active call keeping it connected.

I spoke with the service provider mulitple times and as mentioned reset the Wifi, mobile and bluetooth and in addition, attempted to set the APN settings. Unfortunately the phone does not allow the APN to be changed. The message on screen is: “Access Point Name settings are not available for this user”

So at this point I have a phone that is for the most part non-functioning unless I am actively calling another cell number.

I am in the US and currently on T-Mobile towers. The provider, Patriot Mobile, is sending another SIM card that will connect to ATT towers but I am not confident this will rectify the issue. In the meantime I need to perhaps restart my ATT phone but needless to say that’s not what I prefer.

Any assistance in updating to allow the APN to be manually set would be much appreciated. I am also going to pull the SIM card and reinstall. I will report back once that’s completed.

Thanks to all for reading and any help would be great.