Update to 0.16 manully

Hey guys,

I am wondering if there is any chance to manually update my Fairphone to the newest version 0.16… either with the easy installer or Linux.

When trying to refresh the Software Update tab I am frequently getting “The update check failed. Please check your internet connection and try later.”


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I am also receiving this error on a OnePlus6T. Did we miss some sort of critical upgrade window?

From logcat:

When attempting to install any application:

05-05 22:39:24.020  2696  6931 D DownloadManager: [250] Starting
05-05 22:39:24.860  2696  6931 W DownloadManager: [250] Stop requested with status 403: 
Unhandled HTTP response: 403 Forbidden
05-05 22:39:24.860  2696  6931 D DownloadManager: [250] Finished with status 403

When attempting to check for operating system upgrades:

05-05 22:41:08.776  3417  3417 D UpdatesActivity: Adding remote updates
05-05 22:41:08.783  3417  3417 D UpdatesActivity: Cached list parsed  
05-05 22:41:08.815   890  1148 I ActivityManager: Displayed org.lineageos.updater/.UpdatesActivity: 
05-05 22:41:11.705  3417  3417 D UpdatesActivity: Checking 
05-05 22:41:17.568  3417  7020 E UpdatesActivity: Could not download updates list

From my laptop I can confirm that https://ota.ecloud.global/api/v1/fajita/dev/eng.root.20201208.101237 does indeed respond with:

403 Forbidden

Same problem on Galaxy S8

Failing to check for updates on my end as well.

Hi @jdoc,
Thanks for the post!
Do yo mind telling me how/where I can look for those logs?


On a laptop or pc connect to the phone with adb shell, and from there run the command logcat.

There will be quite a bit of output, so two things you can do there:

  • use the ‘return’ key on your keyboard to put extra whitespace into the output
  • Pipe the output to grep which searches the output (for example logcat | grep UpdatesActivity
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As it turns out, my issue was related to a maintenance operation: Service Outage : 5th May to 6th May. (I had checked twitter but not the announcements section of the forum)

To the original poster’s point, it would be very helpful to have a way to download the update on a laptop, and transfer the update to the phone. This might help solve issues in some rare edge cases (for example, if an update is required to get any connectivity to the phone)

Ok, “dev” release channel, which would mean …

Like https://doc.e.foundation/devices/ - OnePlus - 6T - Install - dev?

Wouldn’t the manual Install work as an update by booting the recovery and just doing the ADB sideload part (“Installing /e/ from recovery” - Points 7. and 8.)?
(I don’t have a OnePlus 6T, so I can’t check.)

Great, thanks!