Update to 0.18 fails (No command, Moto E LTE)

I have 2 notifications telling me that 0.18 is available. While I’ve tried both downloads neither of them completes (stopping at about 70 % progress) nor installs (green Android robot says “No command” after reboot). Any help or experience with this issue? :slight_smile:

showing two entries is not a bug - there really are two 0.18-q images on the dl host (and I think the ota server then too) for surnia


When did you last flash the recovery partition? mostly it’s the date you transitioned to /e/. If its far behind, you could flash your recovery partition to a current version. This is where the download is applied from, maybe some binary is missing.

I asked a surnia owner about the

Android green robot → “No command”

The green robot is motorola stock recovery, i think

did you ever flash the recovery partition? point 5. in https://doc.e.foundation/devices/surnia/install

get it here: recovery-e-0.18-q-20210828132307-dev-surnia.img